The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Have any of you read the book/seen the movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower?

Ive been obsessed over it recently. I adore it actually. I had been wanting to see the film since it came out years ago and i finally seen it a couple of weeks ago.First of all, i already had a massive crush on Logan Lerman, so all it did was make me love the film more the fact he played Charlie (the main character). I won't spoil incase anyone wants to see it or read it, but i would highly recommend it!

I read the book i one day last saturday, and im reading it again today because i just loved it so much. I can relate to almost every situation in the book, its freaky! I really want to discuss the book so if anyone wants to talk about it with me in the comments then be sure to but < spoiler > and < / spoiler > at the start and end of your message with out any of the spaces so we dont ruin it for anyone else, or you could dm me! or we can make a seperate post!

If you havent read it yet, i seriously recommend it.

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lotsa love


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  • Hi, haven't read the book, who wrote it. Glad you enjoyed it . Regards Lorna

  • Stephen Chbosky :) xx

  • I didn't read the book but I watched the movie... :)

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