Does anyone else feel this? I feel pressured from everyone around me.

DO this, You should be doing this, you should be doing that. This is what you should do. Do it this way. What do you want to do with your life? You should be moved out by now. You need to be doing things like this at your age. Why arent you moved out yet?

Maybe I take what people say too literally. But my family have always been a big influence on me and they say things like this all the time. All it does it stunt my actual hopes and dreams and makes me think that they are talking sense - then I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself in all areas... But life isn't like that!!!!!!. I have to REMIND myself about what 'I' actually want to do. Everyone just gives their opinion so freely. Life isnt perfect. And I will do what I want to do when I AM ready.

I just want to focus on the good. But I feel so unworthy and inferior when people talk to me about MY future. Its my future. Not theres. Its mainly my parents. I know they are only trying to help but it doesnt help at all! They dont know whats best for me. Only I do.

RANT haha :D

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  • Hi parents do this sort of thing to you Pandora - I think it's built into their genes :O It does show they care though doesn't it? Maybe next time they nag you just say you want to do this or that but need their support ie money and watch them shut up :d x

  • coug!

    hahahha thankyou for the humour! I needed it!

    I think Ive done that before a few times hahaha. Everything costs money!!

    thankyou for the post :)

  • Tell them you'll move out when you pay back the student loan and have enough saved for a deposit. If they want to help speed that up they can dig in their pockets.

  • If you Pressure tell that straight its you life your role your mistakes simple don't like they know where the door is

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