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Bad Habit

Hello everyone!!

Ive just realised a bad habit that I do quite often!!

I ALWAYS compare myself to other people my age. I always do it. Every day.

I feel like I compare myself to my friends... my family. Its always a comparison.

and it makes me CRAP. Every time. Its asif my mind is looking for a way to make sence of things. Why have I done this? Is this the right thing? is this normal? Then I compare it to other peoples lives or situations to try and make myself feel better.

I made the decision to move home after uni and save up some money and its just really hard :'(

Moving back from the city is so hard :(

ALl my friends are back in the city and nobody here ever wants to DO ANYTHING.. LIKE EVER. Im bored most of the time if Im not working! Im going to start doing more stuff and thats fine.

But its just so hard :'(

And I really need to stop comparing my life to other peoples. My best friend lives overseas in some exotic country and Im stuck here with my annoying parents when I feel like I should be living my life to the fullest!! And then I ask.........Why am I not doing that? Why? What did I do that made me feel like this?

But I have to remember the PLAN! which is saving to travel etc but its so hard living at home being bored and working full time after I was pretty much a free bird when I was in Uni. I probably sound spoilt right now.......... When I look at all the things I have and everything that I am greatful for it makes me feel so much better. But I still feel upset :'(

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DONT DONT DO THAT!!! I know we all do it from time to time and I have to be honest I have only read you're heading but a direct root to unhappiness is comparing yourself to others.

First off you don't know their entire story so they can look like they have it all squared away when they don't. Second you are here for your own magical journey and who knows what you will achieve, appreciate in the future.

The best advice I can give you is read the great story ' The Emperors New Clothes' or the story of King Midas. Both short children's stories one shows you why you should never want to be anyone else the other that if you attempt to become someone else it could end in tears.

You are a magical being and NO ONE is better than you, you are one of a kind a true individual a great light in this world because there is actually not one single person exactly like you on the plant! You are magnificient! NO ONE comes up with your original thoughts and ideas, no one makes your choices which impact the world and help us grow as a race (we need each other and our different ideas). You are very much loved and cared for even if you dont realise that. Celebrate being a talented individual and laugh at those who make you feel less than you should...the fools!


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Hi yes keep to the plan - stop playing the game of comparing believe me everybody is different and have problems of some kind life is not easy its very complex and changes by the second for most people. Put your thoughts and ways of coping to something well a bit more interesting dont waste your time on being negative think of ways you can cope and enjoy life more you only get one shot. Respect people/parents and remember nobody is the same. Look forward to something and keep a cool head.


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