She oscillates between being timid and crotchety - she was bullied by an older sibling when little and spends a lot of her time finding somewhere to sleep away from home, we never know where but it must be clean as her coat is beautiful though sometimes she waits until she is half-starved before coming back home. Recently she's decided to brave it out and spends all day in the house, which is lovely. I give her special treatment of lots of cuddles whenever I can.

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  • Hello Cats

    You have some lovely pets. Pax is hiding behind the settee


  • Sue

    As Bob says all your cats are lovely. What a beautiful family you have!

    Sarah x

  • Hi Sue

    Great to see your cats. I adore Burmese , they are so interactive. It's lovely to

    See the photos.

    How are you? I was thinking about you during week and so wondering how

    You were.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments. I haven't been on the site for ages - but I will write more soon, just getting ready for Christmas now and don't want to lose momentum by becoming reflective! xxx

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