Not a question but a statement!

Hello, I wanna thank all 3 of my exes and "flings" for ******* me over, breaking my heart, and being a filthy piece of ****. They make me not wanna trust any guy anymore. There's wasn't even one good guy. Shiiiittt. I think about this and realize I can't change what happened but it's gonna take a lot date to me. My walls are so high now I come off more as stuck up than defensive. I don't trust anyone. It's a ******* shame how cold I am now. Guys, treat your girl correctly before she ends up like this.

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  • sadly you have to kiss a hell of a lot of frogs before you meet your prince :-(

    I hope the next one treats you with the respect you deserve and you are slowly able to build up trust again. There are definately some nice ones out there worth waiting for :-)

    Until then make sure you give your self the kindness and love needed to regain some confidence to have some fun xxx

  • We're not all like it, it's a shame you've had three in a row but by now you can maybe spot some warning signs before you dive in again. I got totally shit upon by a girl who lied and was a fantasist but I just got unlucky. It doesn't make me think you women are all like it. After all I have a sister and mum, female friends etc who aren't bad people. You must know of some men, relatives etc who are good guys. Try to keep a bit of an open mind, I know it's hard but someone decent is out there. x

  • Hi, It's sad that you have been hurt several times. You say you have become defensive which is understandable, but it may help you to talk with someone who can help you to understand why you pick people who treat you so badly so you can avoid doing so again? Perhaps you could ask your GP to refer you to a counsellor?


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