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Going away,, scared

Morning everyone x im meant to be going away next saturday to blackpool, all because f my partner,he does'nt have depression or ocd, nothing, i only said yes because i didnt want him t moaning if i said no, im not looking forward to it, as it gets closer, the more down i get. Im still thinking up a plan not to go. Im feeling very tearful,uneasy,

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I totally understand these feelings you're having. I get unbelievably stressed and depressed before I have to go away. But the thing is, I'm always glad I went afterwards. For how long is the trip?


Hi Shelle

What is it about going that makes you not wanting to go?

Lucy is right about being glad you went once you have gone. Sometimes it's good to take ourselves out of our comfort zone.



Hiya Shell26. I have been on a few trips recently and always get really anxious and stressed beforehand and wish I hadn't had to go. But I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and was glad I did. Unless it is specifically your bf who is the problem I would bite the bullet and go. xx


Hi Cough,

How was your kitten when you went away?

Sarah x


Hi Shelle

If you can, you should go.

As the others said, usually once you've gone, you're glad you did.

However, if this is causing you severe distress, then you should be honest and explain it to your partner. You mentioned you were working on a plan so you won't have to go, but I think if you come up with excuses you'll feel even worse.

Perhaps this is the right moment to explain to your partner what is going on inside you and ask for understanding, and perhaps try to start with shorter trips closer to home.

Hope whatever the decision that it goes well. x


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