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citilapram for years lowered to dose because of heart palputations

Been on citilapram for years it worked well until they took the dose down to 40mg its been a slow decline. As i need a top up why not top up with something that is the same family of the drug. Other than taking me off them totally.

The doctor has said to take fluvoxamine 50mg lowering citilapram to half,,, which scares me, as feeling suicidal for weeks till it works, or doesnt. Is not a welcoming thought.

I have tried many of the others, so there isnt many to try now.

Help please.

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Can't you just substitute all of the Citalopram for something else? That's what I did and I take Sertraline instead. the two do pretty much the same job.


To be honest Im scared, citalopram has been so good for me, I scared it wont be able to get me back up there, again. The lows are suicidal. My point was, cant I just top it up with setraline instead of going to that low point.


Sorry but I don't understand why anyone would want to stop taking meds that keep them on an even keel? I have been on Citalopram for about 18 now and I have no intention of ever stopping or lowering my dose of 40mg. The alternative for me is slipping back into that black abyss that is depression Erm no thanks!


its not as effective anymore. I know I feel the same :(


Soz .... 18 months


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