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Have i turned into a moaning minnie


i havnt written anything before mainly because i dont know where to start but here goes..Ive been suffering with depression for a long long time it seems like forever..many thngs have contributed over the years Health issues are at the front of the queue at the min Imight be on my own thinking this but i feel that the next person to say to me.You be alrite think more positive your a strong women.if i was that strong of a woman i woudnt be like i am now.Perhaps im just a moaning minnie.Like to hear your thoughts tho.

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Hello and welcome to the site. I do sympathise with people telling you are strong when you are feeling weak as it makes you feel worse doesn't it?

You say you've had depression for many years and at the moment you have some health problems as well. Do you feel that these have added to your depression as i guess it would be natural if they did. Would you like to say what kind of health problems they are?

I used to ONLY have depression but when I got fibromyalgia and arthritic spine it made everthing seem a whole lot worse.

Do write more if you want and I'm sure you will find there are many people on here in similar situations and we all help and support each other.

Take care, Gemmalouise :)

i had been married for 28yrs .when in nov2012 after a hard fight he passed away c.o.p.d.Boy did i see him suffer.2013 was like living in dense fog i cant tell you 1 event that happened to me tht whole year.i myself have got asthma.Indec last year my gp sent me for a chest xray.I didnt hear anything from gp so i thought no news is good news.Anyway i had reason to ring my gp so i asked her about my chest xray results.What do you think she told me.Ihave got c.o.p.d.To cut a long story short i went for some tests and it turns out tht severe c.o.p.dis on a scale of between 40 and50 percent severe and my result was 43 percent.Iknow i should be positive but to tell you the truth im devastated.I think it will take me a while to get my head round it.Its done me good i think to write this.THANKYOU.

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I don't post often but felt I had to tell you about the copd forum that's on healthunlocked it's friendly supportive and full of good advice and information from the members check it out

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Hi there and Welcome here. It's great thatt you have found a supportive site. Your always be welcomed here.



Hi and welcome to the site it's good to meet you. Having depression doesn't mean you are not a strong person. The only thing it means is you have depression. You wouldn't say you were weak if you broke your leg would you? That is a very good first post but you don't say much about yourself. Have you been to the doctors yet? If not please go and get some treatment for your depression. This is a very common illness and there is a known link between it and physical ill health also. Like Gemmalouise said we will help and support you all we can. One of the best things about this site is that you realise you are not alone with this illness and people actually (unlike the outside world) do understand how you feel.

Come in anytime - we are a very friendly bunch and we don't bite - promise :d xx

People who make ridiculous comments on how best to cope with depression are usually the ones not quite in control of how they're feeling themselves. It's easier to pick holes in someone else's life than it is to try and fix the massive crater in your own. People with depression are among the strongest and most determined people I know - we have to be!

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Hi Lucy

My mum would agree with you there, she says I'm like a little terrier (I'm small lol) who never gives up & is so determined to fight whichever cause it is

I hate injustice & will move mountains if I can

Hope you are well

Lesley x

Sometimes we just want to say how we feel, but some people

Are. Clueless and have no tact or empathy. I tend to see these things as funny

In Ireland, they usually say " ah sure you'll be grand" or what have you got to be

Depressed about'"

" keep busy and you won't have time to be Drpressed". . They haven't a clue so

Mostly I don't even tell these types of people.

Hannah x

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