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Starting over

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Samuel Beckett

Hi everyone .

I didn't want to title the Post Failure as I thought that might seem too depressing

Even for us hardened ones on a depression Forum.

I love this Beckett quote and you can apply it in lots of ways. Had a bad diet day......

...... Start again tomorrow. Never give up trying and striving to achieve what we


Hope you are all having an ok Sunday , I am reading Papers, have a washing on,

Cuddling Luna, and drinking a cuppa. I'm not brilliant but I'm ok and that's

Quite enough for me.

Themys use it for your interviews, the more experience at interviews

You get the more you will relax.


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I really like that quote. That feeling of wanting to throw the towel in when things don't go well is so hard to beat. My Sunday is a bit like yours, too. Caught up on some TV, got some housework done, washing machine is busy.

I'm trying really hard to save money to take the kids away somewhere this summer, but I keep getting tempted to spend. Friends ask me to go for food, or out somewhere, and I'm making excuses not to go, so I can avoid the spending. The result is too much time in the house, which is not helping my mood.

I've got quite a full on weeks head of me, so I need it get in the right mindset before it begins. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, Hannah. Our rain has gone away and the sun is shining. What's it like for you? X


Good quote Hannah. Ive decided too that the feeling of 'ok' is as good as it gets at the moment.

Glad you and Lucy are having a good Sunday.

Ive been for a walk, then had lunch and catching up on the winter olympics.

Off to church at 4pm. Good friends there who dont judge.

Take care.



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