Happy Friday

Today has been a good day - there were some down bits but it's such a relief to have had a good day after the last few.

Working from home so no need to contend with traffic - which would have been a bit of a detour today due to a weekend long Christmas Fair.

Got to doctor and he's put diuretics on repeat prescription. Also given me a referral for an orthotic review - won't sort out discomfort/occasional pain from tendon catching on pin/plate in ankle but could make walking a lot easier and may be get me to the point where I'm scared to be on my feet for much more than 30 mins. As I went out there was an exchange about my mood being much better now - and decided to mention that one of the things that really helped was reading/working through a MBCT course and starting to practice mindfulness more - he said that was useful feedback which made me feel good.

Had a text mid pm from the boyfriend to say that his car won't be ready for the weekend but did I want to pick him up about 1800 ... so we did meet up and watch a couple of episodes of MASH, work through the crossword and have a cuddle so a lot more relaxed. Was nice driving back afterwards as well - like driving late evening when roads are quieter - even if it is dark.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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  • Hi Gambit

    I'm delighted that Friday was good , medically or personally

    Sounds like you had.a lovely relaxing time with your boyfriend too. Hope you

    Enjoy your weekend and give cats a pet and cuddle from me

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah. We both slept well last night and it was nice to talk for a while about inconsequential things and reminisce on hoovers we have known - when I was small we had one of those spherical hoovers - boyfriend tells me it was a constellation - and our fist cat really loved it - would hear it start up and he'd immediately be there expecting to be hoovered down - the only cat I've ever know that wasn't completely phased by the hoover. I tend to use an electric carpet sweeper most of the time and my two follow me around in morbid fascination but are always careful not to get too close.

    Will give them a cuddle from you.

  • My cat goes nuts when I Hoover! She's terrified! When she smashed her pelvis she had to live in a tiny cage for 3 months. In hindsight, being stuck in there watching a Hoover coming towards her must have been dreadful. Glad you've had a start to your weekend, hope it continues x

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