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A week spent on the slippery slope


I've been feeling the wolves circling all week. I've been trying to hold them off, and there were moments I felt on the brink of winning - but today I had some bad news, and that was it, my spirit gave up the ghost. I feel completely demolished. I feel like crying for what a worthless failure of a human being I am. I'd had such a good few weeks building back up, feeling better than I had done in a long time, and achieving more. I feel like that demented illness in my head is cackling uproariously, as if to say "you didn't actually think you were going to feel better did you?"

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Hi Themys sorry to hear about your bad news. I suppose all of us have to deal

With bad news at some stage in our lives. Depending on what it is , I think we go

Into shock, please don't start blaming yourself

Is there anyone supportive you can talk to.? That helped me cope. Try and look

At how far you have come....... You are doing your best .... Try and see the positives

Themys it's hard to share my thoughts without knowing the type of bad news you

Got, as there are degrees of bad news

Themys please stays calm and you will have our support and help.

Big hug

Hannah x

Really sorry that it feels like the walls have come crashing down on top of you.

I know you feel overwhelmed by this one bit of bad news now but you are not a failure. May be one aspect of your life isn't going so well but there are lots of others and even if it is something you can't fix that doesn't mean everything is over or it is something you have to turn away from.

Are you still doing your 10 things to be grateful for? May be you could reflect back on some of them.

Really hope you feel a bit better soon and manage to relax over the weekend.

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