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Anyone else with Asperger's or mild Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

I am 67, so this wasn't even recognised when I was atschool, although my parents were called in and told that I "Didn't socialise." I was hopeless at games (dyspraxia).;

I loved running the A-level botany shelf and identifying plants, and have had other rather obsessional interests - identifying breeds of dog, identifying hymn tune names and my interest in rats. I have never had a date and had difficulties in relationships in both my nursing and my computer career. I find change very hard to cope with.

I have long suspected mild, high-functioning Asperger's and have recently come under the care of a psychiatrist, who feels this is quite likely.

Are there any others out there?


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Me! Although I've never had an official diagnosis, I've had lots of professionals tell me I exhibits traits of Asperger's, OCD, Tourette's and ADHD. We're all on the spectrum somewhere, just some of us a little further than others!

I obsess about loads of stuff. How people look, how they dress, how they talk. I search for patterns in everything. I love parallel lines, perimeters and regular polygons. I love doing sums, I love rules, definitions, formulae and answers.

I hate the unknown, anything that can't be proven. Discussions about the existence of God and the concept of space going on forever make me physically sick.

I can't sit facing certain directions or sit on fabrics that don't feel right. An itchy label on my clothes can ruin my day. As can knowing I have a spot on my face, even if it's too small for anyone to see. And feet, that's the worst. I cannot have bare feet. Whatever the weather. I can't wear wear flip flops, even if it's boiling. I have to feel pressure on my feet at all times. That also rules out loose fitting socks. Even at night.

I can't drink cold drinks out of mugs or plastic cups. I cant drink milk or eat any food submerged in milk. I can't drink out of glasses unless they've been washed and washed.

I can't read prose that hasn't been punctuated properly. I get angry if people use apostrophes incorrectly or use the wrong there / their etc. Who's and whose is another issue.

That's all really, I quite enjoyed that! X


If any of you are interested, HealthUnlocked actually does run a community for autism spectrum disorders. It's not quite as busy as this one but does have some great members :)

You can join it here:

Best wishes,


HealthUnlocked communities team

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