Letting all the bad things occur

If there is one thing I have learned during my time with depression is that this world of humans is nothing more than stupid, and I am "sick of it"! (Skillet - Sick of It -

The inevitability of a civil war given the state of Western society is killing me within, and I can only blame the stupidity of American Politicians relating to the aftermath of 9/11 - who the flying **** gives America the right to slaughter innocent civilians in wars in the middle east; who gives Israel the right to overthrow governments including that in Libya, Syria and Egypt. These conflicts happen as a decoy, America only wants the freaking oil and they'll do anything to get it - even if it means causing mass murder and civil wars.

America has so much "Noise" and people are fed up of it - If I was Prime Minister of the UK, I would have flown over to America and overthrown their Government a long time ago. (Skillet - American Noise -

Despite all this, I still have education to be getting on with, if only anxiety did not get in my way and the constant anger and fear of death by the Governments. The inevitability of a civil war not only in America, but the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Israel will lead to the annihilation of this Western corruption. But I'm "not going to die" if I lead myself to believe that there are more things in life to look forward to than the constant stress and thought that these wars are inevitable. (Skillet - Not Gonna Die (https://soundcloud.com/atlanticrecords/skillet-not-gonna-die/s-pKwm1))

Some free advertisement for Skillet, but this band is the very band that makes me want to join the fight against the corrupt governments, end the war against Internet freedom, abolish American operations in many parts of the world bringing us closer to another World War, and find a cure to our insanity. As a Human Being, I have a right to fight for my rights, and I will do so in any way, shape or form, even if it means joining a civil war as a soldier against the governments of this corrupt world.


I in no way do not intend to offend any persons, but when people do stupid things, so stupid and continue to do so - offending, insulting and abusing our very human rights, we as Humans have a right to share this knowledge and spread the word that this world IS corrupt and that the American Government is the only one to blame. We all know they are responsible for the damage to the economy following 9/11, and forcing their allies into a position where they literally have no choice in the matter but to fight with them. Think "Gaza" and "Palestine". Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Human rights are being violated this very moment, even within the jurisdictions of America. Let me tell you one thing - Europe is a much safer place than America is right now, and that is saying something considering how much debt Europe is in relation with American debt.

Do not ever visit America, it will be the last thing you do - if you do, you may face the inevitability that it's people are in poverty; there are more children and students on the streets in total than there are in every European country combined. If you think America is "better off", you are definitely wrong. I am not saying this because I HATE America, I say it because it is also fact. Their laws destroy human freedom across the board, and if we don't stand up soon we will all end up in a civil war, and trust me, that is the last thing you will ever want.

Again, in relation to what has been said, I hate to ponder on that I do hate America and their society. But once again, I have a right as a Human to free speech. My opinions I wish to share because you as a reader need to know this - that these "situations" are getting worse and the inevitability of a Revolution is probably the only answer - Governments are only two or three steps away from this happening, and any more false moves by these governments will cause this Revolution to happen. I am not FOR or AGAINST a Revolution, but if the time comes and I am not prepared for it, I will regret it. The same goes for you - this situation is inevitable. Get yourself prepared, no matter your interests, your situations, etc.

As my instincts tell me, better off dead than face the consequences. I will fight even if it leads to my very death, but I will die knowing I was fighting for my rights instead of knowing I wasted my life in front of a computer, and I hope you feel the same.

Thanks for letting me share this with you and I hope that this does not come into conflict with any website rules. If it does and this is taken off, then I truly understand why - even if it is for my own protection - but all I want to say is that innocent depression survivors need to be prepared for the inevitable - you never know what could happen next.


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9 Replies

  • I'd say civil war is the least of my worries at the moment, but I enjoyed reading your blog!

  • Thanks! And fair enough. Prepare for your own fights, against depression for example.

  • I dont think anyone in the UK with major depression gives a flying f*** about what the American Government do. I myself most certainly do not. I have enough problems with the UK Government & how they impact on my Mental Health issues.

  • I think depression is very personal to an individual. Whilst I found your blog interesting I am not sure that there's anything anyone can do about what's happening elsewhere and this is is the least of my worries at the moment.

  • Your blog is certainly interesting, and I have my own concerns and views about world peace I think one of the ways to change the society is by running yourself as an Independent Person, Or to petition your government to impose sanctions and so on. Being politically active is admriable and I wish you luck. I do not hate America, I try not to hate anyone, History shows that there are always revolutions and counter revolutions

    My main concern today is not America but my Mental Health, keep up the good work, but don't burn yourself out.


  • Thanks for your comment. I am a huge part of the Internet, I play a lot of video games and I am transferring information right now regarding America and their operations. Quite recently, the American Government has granted the NSA to spy on foreign civilians suspected of treason, terrorism plotting and the likes. The surveillance across the Internet is absurd, and I worry for my privacy, my freedom of speech and my life as a consequence.

    If you did not know, three activists in the past have either been extradited to America to face court and a possible life-time imprisonment, or have been arrested on suspicion on committing treason. This happens literally all the time in America, they are trying to keep things secret but failing to do so because of how stupid they are.

    You might not think that my concerns lie with myself, I have always been a generous person and I hate hating on people. But when my life is in danger and I have been put into a position where everyone else is, then I will stand up and relieve myself for who I really am. In reality, I actually do care about the American Government - if I were in the shoes of Obama I would be questioning my very own authorities for the things they are planning and be using my common knowledge to come up with better systems that not just benefits the infrastructure of the governments, but also benefits the people.

    Being President or Prime Minister is not about making rules or policies, it's about being able to adapt to certain situations when that time comes, and regulate your peers ensuring they are within the law. Unfortunately the way that the current world works, the exact function of the Prime Minister/President is no longer there, because they are being corrupted by other people.

    I hate corruption, and I will do anything to stop it from spreading. I feel that if I do not it will continue to spread across the entire world and everyone will end up in poverty, in the same situation like yourself. I want to prepare for when the inevitable happens, I am not dragged into it because of the corruption. I want to be able to fight it and continue to be a free man, because that's what makes me Human.

  • You are not going to be able to change the world. I do believe that western civilisation will one day destroy itself but that day is not yet. Yes there is a lot of corruption and greed everywhere but on the plus side there are lots of great things in life like love, kindness and support. My advice to you is to try and look on the positive side of life and save your energy for fighting your depression. Make your own corner of the world better. If we all did that the world would be a much better place.

    Bev x

  • "You are not going to be able to change the world."

    This is a pessimistic side of me I have always told myself, but having that being said by someone else saddens me because I know I have potential. I would rather not sit on my computer all day, I would like to take a stand and be professional in order to contribute to the dying world.

  • I'm sorry you see it that way brutalexcess it was was not meant as a put down but as a reality check. I am certainly not saying you don't have potential and that you can't do anything you set your mind to. But taking a stand requires a cool head and good planning. As far as I can see there are only two ways to do this. One is to join them and beat them at their own game and the second is to become a martyr. Oh maybe there is a third - become famous and use that to change things. I think I am a lot older than you and I remember John Lennon's bed in and political activites.

    I certainly don't sit at a computer all day if thats what you are saying! I think I am a good person and I really do believe very strongly in certain things. I have got my point across many a time to people for all the good that did me. For example I was quite militant about feminism when I was young but soon realised that people only hear what they want to and I just got personally attacked. I still believe very strongly about it but am much more cautious about what I say and to whom. We have all been young once and felt passionate about many things but at the end of the day I don't want to join them and beat them at my own game nor do I want to be a martyr. If you do good luck to you. The energy of the young in itself often changes things and that is good. Who wants to live in a static world. So good luck with that.

    Bev x