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Hi, I'm trying desperately to help my husband as he has been suffering from depression for the past 3 years now. We agreed he would leave his job end of Oct 2012, as he became very unhappy, had a new boss which didn't help, and had become very stressed because of it all. Since then, he has been great trying to find work and helping to look after our little one but he has always struggled to stay away or control his alcohol/medicine(drugs) intake. Things have gotten so bad now that I found out he had been taking some pills from our medicine box because I refused to buy alcohol or keep any in the house. During the day, he seems fine and functions as per usual, but later afternoons, at night and on weekends, he falls to pieces. I know he has many past issues which he has not managed to resolve/forgive himself for, and now it appears he has given up completely. As a result of it all, I've realised he needs professional help but have no idea where to go so please could you advise me please?

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  • I'd talk to an addiction counselor. I self-medicated and getting help for both depression and substance abuse saved my life and I gave me skills that help me live a pretty good life most days.

  • Thank you! Would he need to be referred by his GP or can I set this up myself please?

  • i would make appointment at gp if needed your husband can be refered to the cmht community mental health team or crisis team goodluck x

  • I hope by now things are better with you. This is too much for you to handle alone, you need to get Professional Help, and your husband has to want to change his ways too. There is nothing you can do to stop this, but look after yourself, and see that your husband gets help too.

    Hope things improve for you too]


  • Hi jenkins_sandie I offer Equine assisted Learng and Personal development for people and families with depression and addiction successfully in Ireland. As horses can heal with there presents and are responding very gentle to people in need. Horses offer you a solution how to change so that your can control and be happy with your life. Research in the US has shown that people who attended Equine Assisted Learning need less medication and could cope easier with addiction.