Equine Assisted Learning

Hi When I read the post about all the problems, I feel that Anti depressive medication is to easily used with no follow up. Horses show the underlying problem and offer you to change and you see it in horse responds When your confidents increase you can dance with the horse and you learn a new way to communicate and express your feeling. In early stages medication is not needed and in other cases medication can be reduced.


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  • Looks very interesting....I am unfortunately not in Ireland

  • Dancing with a horse?

  • Yes, Horses mirror everything we feel. To communicate clearly to the horse, you can move the horse with no attachment between you and the horse. This improve self-esteem, communication. And with a melody in your head you can dance with a horse

  • Hi Suzie, Dancing with a horse is all about self awareness and communication. As a Horse mirrors everything you feel back to you. It is about clear communication without any anger or frustration attached to you can walk the horse free with nothing attached between you and the horse in straight lines, turns, stop, backwards. With a melody or rhythm in mind you can dance with a horse

  • Lol I dont mean to appear rude but I dont think dancing with a horse would cure my mental health. It would of course line your pockets!!

  • Horses mirror everything we feel. The horse shows us the underlying problem and the horse shows us how we can change to express our needs and feeling. When to learned to move a horse with no attachments between you and the horse you can dance with a horse and express you feelings and needs trough dance with a horse. And people pay me what the can

  • Good luck to ya & those it works for!!

    Have you ever suffered Clinical/Major Depression/Anxiety/Social Phobia yourself?

  • Hi Thank you for your question. Yes I did. I lost my leg then I was 18 years old and when I worked at PayPal I was excluded from everything only because I helped the customer not policy of PayPal and thee horse help me to cope with it. I learned riding on an Arab mare and everybody told me she is so difficult horse, but she made never one wrong step with me. This was then I look into equine assisted learning because I believed this horse is trying to teach me something

  • Sorry to hear you lost your leg & that horses have helped you.

  • No worries, I can do what ever I like and I have 10 years experience with horses and I like to share it with other people in need. Thanks for all your questions. If you like I invite you for a weekend to Ireland

  • I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Thank you for the offer but I can just about manage going to the local shop on my own.

    Where abouts in Ireland are you?

  • I'm in Cavan 2 hours from Belfast if somebody could drive. My place is just outside Cavan town nice and quiet place

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