So confused

Well this week has been hard my best friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer and I have taken it hard although trying to be positive and both of us making light of losing her hair and having a double mastectomy it scares me. I am treating her just the same but finding it h ard as others are treating her like she is something special which I know she doesn' t want anyone have any advise to help me deal with what is going on my depression and fibromyalgia is playing up and I am at a lose Of what to do xx

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  • I can't empathise with your situation, but I can liken it to something I went through with my own best friend. Her younger brother was taken very unexpectedly at the age of 17. She found the way that people treated her extremely hard to cope with. They would cross the road to avoid speaking to her and stopped inviting her out. All to avoid having to talk about what had happened. The thing that she found most useful was people not treating her like a freak. Just beng themselves. Even coming to her with their own problems, to take her mind of her own. Your friend will appreciate your consistency. And seeing how well she responds to that will make you feel good, too. I hope things go well for her, and you x

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