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my psychiatrist knows I am very suicidal and have nearly died through suicide 3 times,I've stressful life circumstances she is failing me


she has caused me serious distress and failed in her duty of care. Recently at an Intensive Day Unit Staff suggested I could change my psychiatrist but keep my lovely care co-ordinator. the psychiatrist is 'claiming' no other psychiatrists in my sector will take me on their books and I would have to change sectors losing my care co-ordinator and going miles away to one of two possible centres which I would have difficulty getting to especially as iIl have been so ill i have had to go to day units she also says I will have to go through the medical director i think she is doing this deliberately making my life harder how can I resolve it, its causing me so much distress and making me more suicidal. Please advise me how to get local care I am not coping with a divorce and bereavement and keep feeling very suicidal

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You have the right to make a complaint and request a new psychiatrist. Is there only one in the team? Why has she failed in her duty of care? What makes your cc lovely? And do you mind my asking your diagnosis And how you are feeling suicidal? What is causing it? Have you a plan?

Please don't answer these questions if you feel uncomfortable, I'm just curious why you see your two professionals as such opposites? And why are they so great or not great? It's easier to offer advice if I'm clear if you catch my drift?

Sometimes we don't 'click' with people do we? I appreciate that and I'm happy to give my views if you want them xx

there are three psychiatrists in the team and i think she has deliberately stopped me seeing them because my care co-ordinator who is compassionate and caring said she would stay with me if i changed psychiatrist but the vindictive psychiatrist has said i would have to change sectors, I believe deliberately, as the co-ordinator would not be able to work with me there this consultant hasn't understood their oath do no harm and is spiteful I am at high suicide risk and have been in hospital recently

Well she doesn't rule the world or run the nhs even if she may think she does. Make a complaint to the team manager, you can get complaints leaflet from the team. Log down in point form the things she has said to you and if you can remember the dates that's even better but don't take that!

A supportive professional would discuss your reasons to want a change with you and work on what's best for you. It's about your care! If you don't trust people to keep 'you safe' then that's not good enough by far!

I'd advise you I your letter to say given your vulnerability could you have a quick reallocation please and copy in your care coordinator and talk to her about how you will manage your care / crisis until allocation. They should be able to support you to access the things you need.

What has your cc said about this? Xx

i think my cc is quite intimidated by psych she offered to help me change 7weeks ago I contacted pals on Fri before I found out the

vindictive psych had refused to let me stay in sector but will phone them tomorrow & clinical manager prob is main failureof duty of cars was over a year ago & I was afraid to complain.I have bipolar disorder & feel afraid for my safety the psych knows this & knows stress will worsen my health will try to sort it tomorrow may contact gp too. far too ill to change to sector miles away thanks for you help night x

I hope you have a good sleep. That's all not good enough and you deserve to be looked after. Take back your power, it is your Care coordinators job to support you through this, that is their role and I'm Sure you can talk to them and form a plan, you have the right to decent quality care and not to be bullied, that's ridiculous. If we can help more please further post xx

I really hope things improve for you xx

thankyou for your answers Hopetobehappy2013 I have spoken to PALS and they are arranging a meeting for me to meet up with the clinical manager and my care co-ordinator and see if another local psychiatrist will take me on. Its a shame there are spiteful psychiatrists in this world but thankfully most people in the caring professions do actually care. thanks for being so kind xx

Yes it is a shame, and disgraceful, but where you have vulnerable people you will have those sorts unfortunately. Well done you for sticking up for yourself and you have a right to care and you have the right to get away from a toxic relationship. I am sure you can sort it out, in my experience people change ccs and consultants often for lots of reasons.

It might help to write down things as they come to you in a little notebook so you don't have to 'hold them' in your head / self as you will feel very angry. Getting it out helped me v much and I could look at what I'd written and then make sense of what I wanted to say, otherwise I'd wake up suddenly furious! Keep a book by your bed! Then the poison goes onto the paper. In black and white you can make sense of it. They don't own you! At the end of the day our taxes pay their wages so remember that too.

You should be proud of your self! I think there are two things (1) being clear about what you need, so write that down (2) complaint about how you have been made to feel. The main focus is achieving 1. Then as long as you give the information they can do what they want with it - not youroblem. But if you write it down you won't have that awful frustration after of not saying something you wanted as you are prepared and 'leave it all' in the room and only take what you need.

I hope that helps, for me there is nothing that makes me so angry, upset and humiliated / labelled as feeling I have no control - so take it!

I do have some experience of type of situation so I hope that helps. Good luck! And yes, people do care very much. For every dodgy professional thankfully there are those dedicated to helping. Xxxx

Thankyou so much for your advice it is really appreciated best wishes xxx

These people are ony human, go higher,, maybe go to relate, to help you deal with the divorce,,, and a bereievement counsellor, or cruise ,,,at least you will get the support their.

thanks coatpin I am trying to get talking therapies but also need to sort out crisis measures too relate have been helpful in the past

my other half was in this situation the shrink cannot tell u weather or not others will take u as it dosnt go though them it gos though their manager if u complain and demand a new one they have to complie

bella123 in reply to kittykatsad

speaking to the manager soon thanks

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