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Just as the caterpillar thought it was all over................it became a butterfly

I'm at an all time low today....a job offer has sent me in a turmoil...I guess because I realise I can't do it....this illness is so debilitating..

I have arranged too much for today Drs this morning and CBT this afternoon..but I will go..

Telling people your not well and can't work is the pits!!!!

I have the opposite to most in that I sleep too much...I sleep a lot..I am tired all the time..

Hope I pick up a little, got a trip planned (3.5 hour drive) for this weekend, be nice to see people I've not seen for a while...or will it


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A job offer? That sounds exciting! I was starting to resent you living as a lady of leisure! It doesn't matter if now is not the right time to take it and you need more time off, the offer shows that you are employable and you still will be when you're ready to work again.

How did the appointments go. I'm reading so much about CBT on here, that I've decided to ask my GP to refer me.

You're very brave attempting a long drive on bank holiday weekend. Anywhere nice?

Lucy x


Hi Lucy.

Haha @ the lady of leisure....I spoke to my friend this evening and explained, first time I've admitted to being ill to anyone outside, it went well she was understanding and we even had a laugh about it..

The day got better for me, And I'm now able to look forward to my trip to Manchester for a friends birthday party...

I started having CBTon the phone a while ago I think it's one of those things suits some, not all.The sessions are based on homework completed..since then I'm having face to face CBT and finding that better, but I think it's because it helps me to talk openly and honestly (I feel I can be honest and tell) to someone, it opened up some wounds initially which sent me a bit lower, but it's got better, I personally think anything is worth a try, better to try it out...

Thank you for your comments hope you are ok xxx


I have had CBT and found it very helpful. They make you see the positive side of things when we are generally so negative. I have to remind myself constantly about trying to be positive. Great getting a job offer. I find I am different to many people on here in that I love my little job and it keeps me from stressing for those hours that I am there and I feel valued and it raises my confidence. Have been on holiday for two weeks and have been quite stressed but back to work next week.

I am sure when you are ready for work a great job will come along. All the very best for your lovely weekend. xx


Thank you jef

Your right, and the CBT was painful at first but helping now...today is a new day and it's not a bad day so far either...

Good to hear you had a holiday...

Sue xx


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