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Why am I always upset?

When im with my friends sometimes im okay and I can hide it but then there sometimes I cant I feel like I should just die and I feel like im not worth anything I have been rejected by family a lot and I have always been let down people and have had family problems most night im crying but I make sure no one can hear me I just don't know what to do sometimes :( and I just search for signs of depression and I have some of the symptoms

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The best thing to do is to get your thoughts in order and go speak with your doctor. They will help you a lot more then anyone else on here can. Then you can start to feel better again.

I went to the doctor feeling stupid and embarrassed and right now I'm relived that I finally found out that I was depressed, and could start regaining my life back. So, don't be worried or scared, just do it. You'll regret it otherwise. x


I would advise you to go and see your GP and they will be able to help you, I am sure. Good luck.xx



feel the same ..upset most of the time specialy with the people who loves me the most. i am cocaine free from 1 year and i start to fell terrible since i stoped

i have spoke to my GP he has already change my medication twice,,,

i don t trust.. much

please be carefull with doctors

luck luck

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