My Weekend!

Well I had the most fantastic weekend ever! went back to my hometown. I saw a lot of my friends on Saturday and also went to see my Nan :) but on Saturday night I got a text message from my mum, and she said my dad wanted to see me! so I went to see them both and when I walked in the door my dad was waiting to give me the biggest hug of my life! I can't describe how happy I am that we're speaking again. I've always been a daddies girl so I've missed my dad so much!

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  • That is so lovely :) and these things definitely help the way we feel..


  • That's just great. my Mum and Dad died last year and I miss them so much. I am so pleased that you are ok with your parents again, cherish them and you will feel so much better, as will they. xx

  • That is lovely, thanks for sharing your happy moments with us, it shows us life is a Tapestry, full of light and shade, I know this will make you feel great, we need to feel loved and to love.

    Hannah xx

  • This is a wonderful post, thank you for this :) :) xx

  • Great!

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