What can I do to myself?

Hello again, I went to the gp the other day and she said I had Anxiety and depression, although the depression is a huge problem for me I want to be able to tackle the anxiety. whenever i get into a social situation I get panicky and have an anxiety attack has anyone got any tip to help me with this?? I hate having to leave the room whenever I feel anxious.

Thank you

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  • Did your gp prescribe any medication for you? My experience has been positive using xanax as a tool to manage anxiety until I become desensitized to the situation where I feel anxious. For example I live in a small city and I have to go across a bridge to get to a city that offers "everything," movies, shopping centers, auto-shops, etc... I didn't drive across that bridge for over a decade and now am able to do so with the help of meds and having someone ride with me until I felt like I could do it on my own... another example is speaking in public. I'm a poet and avoided reading my poetry in public because of having anxiety attacks. I took medication for awhile and now, not my favorite thing to do, I can read at poetry readings...

    I keep telling myself that I'm okay whether I stay or go....

    Wish you the best

  • I have meds but they don't do anything I struggle to be in big crowds ect.

  • Hi there, I used to suffer from terrible anxiety, but now I hardly ever do. What helped me was

    1 The type of antidepressant I took, some have more anti anxiety properties in them.

    2 Breathing techniques, and repeating this little Mantra to myself " Calm" or " Peace"

    you can choose any word that you like could be "beach" because that relaxes you.

    But the deep breathing really helped as when we get anxious we forget to breathe.

    3. Dont avoid things i.e Going to shops or Talking to People, that makes it worse,

    You will feel shakey at first but you will get stronger each time. We tend to feel

    other people notice but in fact they usually don't see our anxiety.

    4. Anxiety is horrible but wont kill you, and if You Google " Belly Breathing Techniques"

    it is helpful.

    5 At the worst times of my own anxiety I did keep Anti Anxiety Prescribed Tablets in

    my purse, one or two, and having those there helped me to feel if the worse came

    to the worst, I could pop into the bathroom and take them.

    6 My psychiatrist was very reassuring and explained it was Part of my Depression , some

    people suffer more than others, but I can tell you now, that I never get the kind of anxiety

    I once did. So there is a lot of hope.

    7 When Anxiety strikes you Go with the feeling , Dont panic as that will make you more

    anxious, and it passes if you try and relax the whole body. ( I used to get scared when

    it happened to me first)

    Please dont feel this is the only way to cope with anxiety but these are only a few things

    that helped me. Make sure and tell your GP too about the anxiety and he will be able to


    Take care of yourself.

    Hannah x

  • I too suffer with depp. and anxiety,and on meds for both.It is frightening to have a anxiety attack when in company.How i over come it,was to say to my self,there is a door there,if im not comfortable i can walk out,and ill be fine,it took a wee while ,but then i was,nt even thinking about it all and started to relax.Its true,you worry about having an attack,and doing something silly in front of strangers.But sod it were all human, this is something that a lot of people would tell you that they have experienced.I cope a hell of alot better,honestly.things do get better.Chin up,take care Megx

  • Have you tried breathing tecks,,, on your own at home and then when things start,,, and breathing, the pain away,,, like child birth, haveing control. by the time, you breathing slowly out the anxious ness has gone,,,or go outside, and breath in like having a fag,,hold on to it,, then slowly purposefully let it out slowly. Untill you start to manage these flight or fight anxious moments.

    Also do a diary so that you can find out if they are more,,likely linked to your periods... or certain days before a period... and come off tea, coffe, and drink decaff,,, as found this can make it worse as they are stimulants,, and some people are more sensitive than others. This might help your sleep pattern too. It all takes time,,, but all in good time.

    take care,, your not alone.

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