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Looking back on your 5 year self, what would be your advise be to deal with your Sleeping issues?

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I'm pretty sure answering this question could help a bucket load of people already with your experiences sleeping issue(s).

Can the more experienced people go all out and detail how you would help yourselves at the beginning of your journey with your sleeping issues (an adult version of you) or someone who had just found out/been diagnosed with your condition or simply that they identified with it?

feel free to include any habits that you changed, how to navigate your countries healthcare system, which jobs helped you adjust to a more agreeable lifestyle, the use of crutches such as alcohol, coffee. drugs; which supplements helped, some people might have things to say about medication but all should acknowledge everyone is different especially regarding medication :)

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What sleeping issues are you referring to? This is a general men’s health forum and not one for a specific sleep issue like OSA or RBD

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its not specific to any particular sleep issue, its more about being aware that usually if you suffer from depression or anxiety there is often badly affected sleep that goes along with it, which then fuels worse moods and mental health

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Many sleep problems can be treated.

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