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Blood Sugar levels

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Recently I have had random 'attacks' of fatigue some quite strong and lasting a few hours. i would say six in the last month. I have a Blood sugar level between 5.5 but not measured during an attack. Is this as measured on a home monitor high?

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5.5 is a normal blood sugar reading. Perhaps you should see a doctor about your fatigue. Diabetes is only one of the medical issues that can cause fatigue so your symptoms need to be investigated. You may need a glucose tolerance test, an HbA1c test or perhaps a thyroid test.

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omits in reply to Osidge

Interestingly, I measured the levels before going to bed (6.1) and getting up before eating (6.1). I have only done this once. Still within the safe range but not sure what this means. The fatigue has been absent for some weeks now. As an aside I have always suffered from occasional low level of fatigue which being younger of course I ignored. Perhaps this is an inherited thing which gets slightly worse in older life.


Could the fatigue be Covid related? I had the virus 12 months ago and I still get easily fatigued doing what previously were normal tasks.

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omits in reply to Saucisse

As a family we were suspicious we had covid back in Feb 2020. Been very careful since then! Had both injections so may be a feint reaction some days after. Will monitor this. Thanks.

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