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Constant and sudden urge to urinate


Does anyone suffer from an overactive bladder and doesn't have a urine infection? I pee each time without problems but I get a sudden urge to go and I can't hold it without struggling. I leek a bit, which embaresses me, and the urge settles a bit. Sometimes I can go every half hour/ an hour, even at night and it is of great problem to me. Can anyone help?

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Have you had an ultrasound of your kidneys and bladder, I think maybe ask your gp or primary care physician to refer you to a nephrologist or urologist.

I have and they found nothing


Information that might help:

Heliogabalos in reply to Osidge

Thank you

I find that when I'm under a lot of stress I need to go far more often at night. When things are going well once is enough, bad times and it can be once every hour.

I was not that bad but I sought treatment and the medical advice was to drink more water and try and hold on a little each time you feel the need. The idea was that over time my bladder had shrunk with emptying it to often. By retraining it you can go longer periods.

It worked for me, I have no problem holding on and only go once a night , if at all now.

Thanks. I have tried to hold it but it can become so urgent that I leak a few drops when I can't use the toilet.

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