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Could this be cancer?

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Could this be some form of cancer? First noticed it on my left nipple 2 days ago. Tried contacting my doctors but only offering phone appointments - have sent them email with picture but not yet responded to me. Very concerned. 31 year old male.

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The picture could have shown your nipple more clearly if you'd shaved off the overlapping hair .

I don't think the little pimple to the bottom left is a sign of cancer, especially in a 31 year old male, but only a qualified doctor can give a better reply.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to apeters

While the pimple may not be suspicious the brown discolouration to the right of the nipple is. A look at the enlarged pic appears to indicate some cellular change. The guy should have a phone appointment and explain that there appears to be a cellular change to one side of the nipple. There is then no reason for the doctor not to see him. That is the way phone appointments generally work. The current virus problem is no reason for no care to be given.

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apeters in reply to Osidge

Isn't that darker area just the shadow of the teat since the light is coming from top left of the picture.

Only a clearer picture could tell us. A doctor's consultation would of course be best.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to apeters

Does not look like shadow to me and the skin has a different texture. A doctor’s consultation is the sensible way forward.

Yes that would need to be checked with your doctor. they are working explain to them on the phone that you are concerned about changing color to you nipl.

It is a fair question to ask your doctor, in the mean time you could keep an eye on it. monitor it and take pictures if it changes colors and send them to your doctor.

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