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Almost a year after circumcision warning picture

Hey all. Almost a year later. Was circumcised last February. Scar is still noticeable but pretty happy with the outcome.

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Hi I think its looking good, nice hang, you should be proud of you manhood, just look after it and it will serve you well.

Merry Christmas.


Thank you. I try to take care of it because I hear all the stories about the penis head getting dried out.

Result came out great, man! Thanks for sharing your recovery.

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Looks freaking awesome what a nice dick you have man!! Wish I had the same outcome. Thanks for sharing everything with us

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Looks Really good

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Now you made us all thoroughly jealous. Perfect outcome I would say.

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Thank you. Being big isn't everything.

Yeah, such a nice circumcised dick. You should be proud! Im so jealous of your size haha!



Thanks! Don't worry about size. It's not everything, it's how you use it.

Looks amazing mate your surgeon did a great job

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Also did you get your frenulum removed? Thanks

Yeah I had it removed as well

You will have to learn to love your circumcision scar, because it is not going to go away. It will be on your penis for the rest of your life.

Circumcision scar

Male circumcision is surgical amputation that removes an essential part of the penis. It is a cutting operation and like all cutting operations, it leaves a scar.

All circumcised males have a scar that encircles the shaft of the penis. It frequently is brown in color and noted for the dissimilar tissue on the opposite sides of the scar. The tissue on the side nearest to the body is true skin. The tissue on the side nearest to the tip of the penis is mucosa. There frequently is a sharp color change, resulting in a two-tone penis. When one has dark skin, the effect tends to be more pronounced.

The only way to conceal the scar is by non-surgical foreskin restoration.





That's the cleanist looking circumision I have seen in years looking at other photos on this site are horrible,and yes you are well hung which I was like you,happy Xmas

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Thank you

I’m curious why you had it done.

I had it done for for cosmetic reasons.

It looks great man, nicely done! A piece of art I would say!!

Hi mate

Did you have a tight forskin before circumcision? I mean is that the reason you had it done? I’ve been tempted! I can pull back with ease when flaccid but when I erect I can’t pull back unless I have it pulled back while getting arrect but then I’m worried the tiny bit of skin connecting the forskin to my head will split! I’ve been using baby oil when masturbating with the skin pulled back but I’m too worried to bash one out like that in case I split 😑 mine seems tighter just below the head when erect if that makes sense!

I had really short forskin to begin with but when fully erect fren was tight but not to the point you are describing. Sounds very nerve wracking. Have you seen a dr.

Mine is tight, Well it’s never been a problem it just doesn’t pull back when erect! Had loads of sexual partners etc not been an issue! Showed doctor obviously when flaccid but he said as it pulls back with ease flaccid I shouldn’t worry about circumcision etc as long as I can keep it clean etc! just maybe stretching and maybe steroid cream too. It’s more for my self that I’m thinking of circumcision as I think it just looks more scary with the head showing when erect lol

these guys are low key freaks



Looking good, scar tissue has healed nicely, your dick doctor has done a good job. I bet being that big it must get in the way, how is it when wearing jeans or trousers.

Haha, a few adjustments here and there. I don't wear boxers briefs to constricted. Just regular boxers for me.

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