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Circumcision Road to Recovery Day 12 - Major Setback


Hey everyone!

So, some bad news today. I ripped 7 sutures which caused the whole back of my penis to separate.

I went into work today to get some things done before I go on vacation. As I was getting out of my chair I felt something really weird. I have been putting my penis upright when I sit out... Well my underwear where apparently too tight and ripped the sutures. I put my hand down to see if anything was wrong and it was bloody. Ran to our emergency kit, pulled down my pants, and covered up my penis with gauze and tape.

I called my Urologist and he told me to meet him at his office. He examined it and said I had pulled 7 sutures! We talked about a few things and we proceeded with getting re-sutured. He ended up putting in 9 new sutures.

The pain is pretty bad at this moment, but I'm glad he was able to get to so promptly.

I just wanted to share this! Feeling pretty down at the moment.

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Omg! That’s so awful. I’m so sorry to hear that man.

I hope you can take it easy during your vacation so that it heals better and without further issues.

Hang in there man and good luck!!

So sorry mate hope it starts feeling better soon. Have a great holiday and merry Christmas


I'm a bit hypochondriac and I feel your pain.

OMG, that is so terrible, I'm so sorry that happened.

Good thing you had emergency kit at your hand, I'm so shocked for what happened but I'm glad it is all going to be fine at the end.

For what it's worth, you have my moral support, it's going to be fine.

Just rest for the holidays.

Sorry to hear that bud. Can imagine your pain. Hope you feel better.

I am glad you were able to get it repaired so promptly.

Circumcision is a very serious operation and care needs to be taken during recovery.

Put a guaze on in any condition and change it in every 24 hours ....

And clean your wound daily ..dont move unnecessary

How are you doing mate?

Johnny86 in reply to Kenadams2

Not well, man. I'm seeing my Urologist today. The new sutures do not want to stay. The whole experience has turned into a nightmare.

Kenadams2 in reply to Johnny86

Ah man, sorry to hear that bud. Keep us updated. Wish you a speedy recovery dude.

That’s suck bro. I was afraid of ripping sutures, especially when I had Morningwood ..😱

How you doing bro?


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