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Circumcision healing?


Hi guys just want to get you a drive on the picture attached this area of my circumcision hasn’t healed well and to be honest has looked like that for about a week.

I am now over 3 weeks post op.

The white bit isn’t infected it’s trying to heal I think but what should I do? Leave ot or keep soaking it? Soaking it seems clean some of the white stuff out but should I be leaving it so it heals?

And what do you guys think it will look like once healed? Will there be a ridge there?

I don’t think my surgeon was very artistic, the other side has a big ridge and lumps also.

That’s for the advice again!

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Wow man it’s looking really good. You’re healing really well but I wouldn’t keep soaking it. My urologist told me no salt baths at all and he said to let it air dry as much as possible and I think it has really helped. Mines doing much better. It’s been 3 weeks today.

Good luck man and I don’t think this area is going to look bad but that’s just my opinion.

Looks good. Let it dry and be patient. You may have a bump for a while but it will settle

Very normal. Could take up to twenty weeks depending on age and health.

How’s everything now?

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