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3 1/2 Months Later (Part 4)

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This is how my penis looks flacidly, and the inner foreskin on the left and right sides, this is the (right-side view) bulging into a bubble of skin. When erected, that bubble stretches and flattens to "the look" in all the other previous photos of this series.

*** there is no odema swelling present at all. Its all just extra, non-needed skin, or LOOSE CIRCUMCISION

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I will only get the excess cut away, not all of the skin😂😂😂. I will show the Doc my elongstion and flacidation, and let him develop a mathematical model for an excision.

Check for infection if no infection that is apart of your penis...don't be overly worried women will not complain etc.

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Oh dear! That's me finished, then... :(

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Hope the revision goes well, Qfellow and you're pleased with the result. Take care!

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Hey, I actually misrepresented the facts on this picture. That puffiness of my inner foreskin is actually odema fluid-filled. Because, now with more healing time, that same extra flab of puffy skin is currently flattened and more floppy. When I erect, the un-needed extra skin is just loose. If that extra skin gets trimmed off and the remsins sewed back to par, then I will still have my comfortable amount of skin to grow in, minus the extra👍

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