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8 months on, circum.. what?


So I used this forum as a way to find some comfort and support when I had my circumcision in January as the Irish Health Service has little or no support for something so close to men going through such an emotional and physical change.

Looking back I wondered why I made such a big deal out of it and how I allowed my emotions to take over, I went through a regret stage but via this forum I overcame that and kept going. I sometimes forget I’ve had it done though I am still conscious of it and choose a stall over a urinal when I need to go for a whiz, maybe I got in that habit having to sit down to pee all the time(i dont sit down now fyi!) or maybe I don’t want people to see it.

Aside from that I healed well, I did have an unfortunate infection at the time which antibiotics helped with and I think I was pretty mich good to go within 5 weeks with no bandages. I left it much longer before sex, i think 10 weeks but i was tugging away from week 4/5.

Some say you lose sensitivity but I say it’s pretty much the same, my phimosis had got me used to damn all sensation so its great being ‘cut’ now. Not to mention that women do indeed prefer it a wizard sleeve. Perhaps its a novelty or something for them.

Anyway I thought I would share some thoughts here. If you are going through it and have questions or you are considering it please shout out. This is a place of support and I’m overdue to give back what I got months ago from you all

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Hello John, Great to hear from you. I am 18 days post circumcision


When I urinate it sometimes (particularly at start and end) sprays. It is reducing


Did you face this problem? Any idea after how long it gets resolved?

I am having small swellings resembling ridges where stitches were(now gone).

Will it go with time?

Did you do any massage to reduce scar tissue? How did you reduce scar tissues?

Thanks in advance.

johnfr in reply to bapichat

Hey Bapichat!

Awh man did it spray, it was like putting your thumb on the end of a hose! It will improve in time as overall swelling reduces, best not to expect it to be controlled just yet. I tried a little to massage but not that soon, It was very tender to touch.

Having stitches out is such a relief, glad you are that far on. Swelling will go down in time around stitches area but continue to care as you have done to date

bapichat in reply to johnfr

Hello John, Thank you so much. Today first time I applied ice twice and I think

the swelling has gone down quite a bit.

What in your opinion are the most

important things to take care for good healing(particularly I am keen on

reducing scar tissues). I had an ACL reconstruction surgery of my knee 13 yrs

back. Icing was the most important factor in swelling reduction and massaging

really helped me to minimize scar tissues then. Off course the penis is very tender area so to gently massage in the right manner may be difficult.

johnfr in reply to bapichat

I may not have the answer you’re looking for but an ole tug every other day could help out. Im conscious I have scarring to however its less prominent when erect. If anything I believe it’s reducing over time

Wednesday will make 5 weeks post op for me, and my urine stream just started getting almost normal. I had a lot more swelling than people usually got but it is almost all gone now. Also, the stitches on the whole left side came apart after 5 days because of a nocturnal erection. As for the ridges, i have them on the part that didnt come open, soak with salt water and it will help heal the line faster, i cant do this yet tho because the open part isnt fully closed yet.

Glad it all worked out well. I am also from Ireland and can tell you that indeed women prefer it. I had my op on 2014 and never looked back.

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