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8 year old boy circumcision


So my 8 year olds got circumcised 5 days ago due to really bad phimosis. Surgery went good I think it's going well so far. He has never had any type of gauze on it just the ointment prescribed and pain meds. He's still really sensitive stitches look good and he's still pretty swollen. The dr said 1-2 weeks to heal completely. My son plays tackle football so my question is when do you think he will be well enough to start playing and practicing again. 2 weeks just feels too soon but I am his mom so I'm just worried. What do you guys who have had this procedure as teens or even adults think about him going back in 2 weeks?

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Personally I think 2 weeks is too soon for a possible impact sport. Another week or 2 would make a big difference.

Ardb in reply to Paul99

That's what I was thinking I just wanted to make sure I wasn't just being an over protective mother because it's so upsetting to him that he can play football for a while.

Honestly I would say at least a month before returning to activities like that! My doctor said a minimum of four weeks before any sports, let alone a proper contact sport.

I hope he heals well :)

Ardb in reply to Anon20

His games don't actually start till August but during practices sometimes they get nocked down and it gets a little rough so I just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision keeping him out a little longer cause he's so mad at me for keeping him out of football for now

Anon20 in reply to Ardb

Honestly just to be on the safe side I’d

Say leave him out a while longer, he’ll be more annoyed if he ends up in bad pain! He’ll thank you for it after

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Ardb in reply to Hidden

He wears a cup

It is normal for boys to have a non-retractable foreskin at age 8. It does not indicate phimosis.


The circumcision was probably unnecessary and a waste of money.

You should consider finding a new doctor.

Ardb in reply to Bucky85

We saw 3 different doctors before he had this done because I did not want him getting this procedure done but all the drs said the same thing. So we gave in. I just hope it was the right decision.

jimfromcalif in reply to Ardb

Having a non-retractile is absolutely normal for an 8yr old boy. It is common well into late teens. The doctors gave improper advice.

Bucky85 in reply to Ardb

No, it was the wrong decision.

I hope so, too

Non retractable foreskin is normal at age 8.

Children do heal quicker than us adults, but 2 weeks, not sure he will be better by then, I'd just see how it goes, make sure he has healed properly.

I'd also make sure he wears groin protection if he doesn't already


At least a month even if the chance is low don't risk it

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