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Undergoing a frenuloplasty...Any advice?


I'm a 30 something male having a penile frenuloplasty (frenectomy) in mid August to correct an issue of frenulum breve. I opted for this instead of a circumcision as my urologist seemed to think it would take care of my problem. I'm looking for advice from those who have undergone the procedure on healing times, satisfaction, suggestions in general, etc. All help appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi, frenuloplasty = revision of the frenulum and frenectomy = removal of your frenulum.

I would suggest you go for a frenuloplasty = revision, and not a frenectomy = removal.

I had problems with my frenulum for many years (frenulum breve = frenulum to short/tight) So i decided to see my urologist.

I visited the hospital and the urologist took a glance at my frenulum and was sure that frenuloplasty could help. "You've got a design fault," he explained.

I decided to give it a try :-)

The frenulum is cut vertically and the two tiny flaps of skin that this creates are sewn into the foreskin with a couple of stitches. The frenulum is also removed from the head, and when retracting the foreskin, it looks like a cut penis.

The operation was over in 15 minutes - painless apart from the local anaesthetic injection just below the head of the penis.

After a couple of weeks i was fully recovered and was able to resume sexual act.

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Thanks for that! When I spoke with my urologist about the difference between the two he seemed to think there was no difference in the outcome. He called the procedure a "frenulotomy," which I haven't seen it called by anyone else. I've read on a few boards about scar tissue after the surgery. Did you have this issue?

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No you say it right fenulutomy and frenuloplasty are the same, but in your first post you talked about frenectomy, and frenectomy = removal of the frenulum completely. I dont have any scare tissue at all after my frenuloplasty, it is perfect now and very happy with the result.

You are wise to avoid circumcision. After the surgery, you should be able to fully retract your foreskin.

After a few months of stretching and years of masturbation, I realized my only option was circumcision as my foreskin simply would not loosen or retract even the slightest and college was 3 weeks away. I also had a short frenulum and underwent an adult circumcision involving frenulum removal and circumcision. After the second week I had healed well and ended up caving a few days later and masturbated. Let me tell you right now, I must be lucky or my nerves didn't get touched because that orgasm made it hard to walk haha. I had a very successful operation and if you have no other option would recommend the procedure, be sure to consider your options.

Good Luck sir!

If you had really bad phimosis than you still lost sensitivity, you just could never feel it in the first place because your glans were covered, btw masturbation doesn’t help stretch the skin, and stretching for really bad phimosis can take up to 6 months.

6 months is too much time for something, I personally was fine without. And if orgasms still feel that good. I think I'm fine with it.

Cheers mate!

At least half of surgeries on the frenulum just complicate matters. Stretching can solve the problem permanently without risk or complication. drelastic.com

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