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30Days post circumcision revision didnt combine skin til 2nd week because of broken stitches and now current status


So far looks good to me the skin that didnt combine til 2weeks ago looks heal from the inside although the skin on the bottom left side doesnt look flat and alittle bit fluppy because it combine from underneath i thinks this is temporary and will look totally one skin combine after few months as the skin regain its full elasticity (please check my previous post regarding the part of the skin that didnt combine) thanks everyone for the support

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Its good. Dont worry about those things. Its healed perfectly.

looking good dude

Hey this happened to me this morning. I noticed once stitch came out and there was a small gap between the skin and foreskin where it should've connected with the stitch (Day 10).

Did you have to do anything special other than wait a bit longer for it to attach and smooth over?

I'm worried I may have to have my urologist make it raw and restitch that specific part.

I just waited a little bit longer when the time that the other part of the stitch already heal that is the time that open wound start healing from the bottom it will be fine although it looks a liitle bit different because the healing didnt take place from the top of wound but from the bottom

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