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Day 35 ------- Last day of the 4th week since cut day, June 19th 2018 UPDATE

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* All stitches are gone "out of here" πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ™Œ

* All odema fluid swelling on the shaft is gone, no bruising

* the entire scarline is sealed and continually compounding its sealing strength πŸ’ͺ

* the fluid swelling pressure is gone from my left side, so that inner foreskin is laying flat like it should. The right side is still puffy just a little, and will follow suit very soon.

* I forced myself to have an erection for the first time yesterday, and rub some warm vaseline on it for like 20 minutes to encourage the erection.

This is a healthy thing to do in the 4th week when safe, because it brings in fresh blood, startsup a high-pressure flow needed for future usable erections, and it tests out and fills in my vessels that's been starving and small for the last 4 weeksπŸ‘ And it tests tension pulling on the scarline for any breaches or weaknesses. If any, they will get activated by any tears, which will then recieve proteins from the blood asap to begin repairing and rebuilding of injured tissue.

(Kind of like how muscle building happens when excercising and weight lifting.... tears and repairs and tears and repairs).

Btw guys, I have done no masturbation yet, and I will not until 8 weeks or afterπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘ˆ

*** my urology 6-week postop appointment is on July 31st

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Guys!!!!! Eat healthy eat healthy eat healthy (raw green and orange veggies), lots of water, and good protein sources. Rest and keep any mental stress reduced. Let all open wounds heal natural and salt baths aren't needed at all, really. Well for swelling maybe, but wait till the sores heal and close on their own accord. However, the sea or epsom salt water dip or hydrogen peroxide does aid in the cleaning and rapid healing of open wounds though.

Inbox me

Which week did your swelling started to go down? And how did u deal with midnight and morning erecttions.. im five days post opp still swollen AF

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Qfellow in reply to Zane93

My swelling jussssssst went down in my 3rd week, as far as pressure fluid. But with the amount of foreskin the doctor left me, it still had a puffy look to it. But once I would press down on it during my 3rd week, it would mash all the way down. At first it was tough like a rolled up sock.

On the erections tidbit: I would sleep on my sides like dome of the former guys on this forum would advise. When I would feel myself erecting while awake, I would immediately change any current thoughts, and crunch my body inwards to demotivate the erection. Also, I didn't get many whilr awake. Most crept in "nocturnally" while asleep. Those monsters would wake me up in a stinging pain, and I would immediately try to demotivate them by walking, or thinking about "cartoons and nursery rhymes" lol.

But here's the main key: erections for us young healthy men can be best lowered in occurrances but not totally. So after surgery and injury to our tissues and skin, our body is in healing mode 24hrs everyday until it is signalled thst our body is healed. If you keep your erections down for at least the 1st 2 weeks, then that 14 days of consistent healing workings our system is delivering our penises, the more the open wounds and sewed skins are fusing, merging, strengthening, and blending.

So if an erection creeps in at your 2nd week, it won't be as damaging because of the uninterrupted healing you allowed your penis to have in the 1st 1 1/2weeks. And when the erection tugs and pulls on the scarline, it really showing you if it can pass a strength test. If so, then no worries! If not, thrn your body's immune system will immediately be alerted and respond to that new tear or rip or bleeding witj more building proteins.

**** the key is not to let your erection last longer than 30 seconds when you do have one. If asleep, pleeeeeeeze wake up IMMEDIATELY. So sleep light in your first 14 days, that's just a sacrifice to make; after 2 weeks with no major re-rips, you should be able to handle some erections better, but still do not let them remain hard just yet.

Your body will give you more of them, the normally and better it begins to feel. Depending on your circumcised style and where your stitches are located, and how they feel to you, you can probably wear some boxer briefs to bed to keep your penis small and compacted and in place.

Me personally, I slept naked for the 1st 3 1/2 weeks because of my stitches and swelling uncomfortableness.

Summary: any erections starting in your 3rd week should be harmless if all goes well. Just work on keeping them down for the first 18 days. If you can do that, it will be rewardingly compensated later. Trust me, YOU DON'T WANT TO RE-OPEN ANY CLOSED WOUNDS. The doctor will not re-stitch them during your healing, and the way it reheals on its own from there is very chancy against the odds. Yeah I beat those odds, and mine's rehealed fine and in place....BUT EVERYONE IS NOT SO LUCKY WITH THAT

Update us with some pictures along your weeks, take it easy, don't stress, and stay soft, don't get hard for as lonnnnnnng ad possible. The longer the better. Remember your healing process is continuing at every moment of the day in at least the smallest increments. The more its healed, the stronger it is andbcan endure the inevitable erections

Informative indeed thank you. I am on day 13 now with open stitches just patiently waiting for it heal on its own. Two doctors advised it will heal by secondary sutures or intention. The rest of the wound healing nicely it is just that part where stitches ripped open that is worrisome. Glad you healed mate.

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Qfellow in reply to Chinstar

Take a photo and post of the open wound

I’m currently in day 49 and I still have couple of bubbles look like small balls like yours in pictures only 2 and still not completely flat in swelling unless erect how long does that usually last qfellow I’m asking since I know you have lots of knowledge in this topic

The swelling lasting all depends on if your penis is getting irritated throughout your week. Swelling only exists and persists when the tissue has trapped fluids, or is getting extremely bothered, infected, or bruised. Complete healing with totally get rid of all swelling. As they cannot coexist together.

So just keep enduring maybe 3 more weeks to the most, for your swelling to go away

Hey man! i just wanna ask how did u get rid of that circled shape lump? I still got mine and it's already 2 months

That lump re-forms itself when I get back flacid. My tight ring of dark shaft skin pushes and bunches up the pinkish skin to a swollen looking ring under my glans when I'm not erected. The doctor said it will always be like that, becauseI had a loose-style circumcision. That makes my shaft skin not be so tight and pulled on during erection, and onlya minimum amount of foreskin was cutbduring surgery. So the tight portion still exists up top there

Hey man I think I got the same style done as you did... post surgery looks like a rolled up sock on your head? Caused a bothering feeling for like 2 weeks! But now the swollen sock like ring is disappearing but it's hard on the one side and still kinda swollen.. you have this issue? And are you happy? Like when I'm flaccid as ever you can even see the cut it's basically covered by the loose swollen skin that rolls onto the head

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