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Sex problems

Hello. I am 16 and for my whole life i have noticed small things about my penis that may or may not be problems becouse im not entirely shure.

There main concern that i have is that on my penis there is a peice of flesh that connects the tip of my penis to my foreskin and it stops my foreskin from going verry far without pain. Is this a problem that should be sorted?or just a natural thing that i can wait out or should be theŕe?

Sorry about any spelling mistakes i find it hard to type on my phone.

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That is called the frenulum if I’m correct, you potentially might need circumcision, but not in all cases, go to you local GP and get it seen by a professional :)


The piece of skin I'm assuming you're talking about is called your frenulum. That is perfectly natural and any uncircumcised male will have one.

Is your foreskin itself tight and does it retract all the way back at all?


I guess it will go back a little before the frenulum goes as far as its gunna go


You can stretch your frenulum over time using steroid cream from the docs if that's the issue.

As CharlieR says you should go to your doctor who will give a definitive answer on what the problem is.

It's really commonality and nothing to be embarrassed about.


Ok i guess i will do that. Thanks for your time.


I had the same problem, but when I had sex for the first time the skin retracted naturally but if your really concerned get it checked out with your gp


When you first try to retract the foreskin, it’s fairly common the your frenulum will restrict the movement. Continue your attempts of retraction to its limits, holding it back for five minutes. Do this at least four times per day. Also, grasp the bottom of your foreskin where the frenulum attaches, pulling firmly out away from your body—also five minutes, four times per day. This is going to take time, maybe several weeks, but it will eventually fix the problem. The alternative is removal of the frenulum, a procedure of mixed results, often not successful. I recommend the stretching.


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