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Please tell me what these spots are?

I first noticed these spots after getting oral sex. My first thought was an std but I got tested a few months after and everything was fine. I then thought it would clear up and it was nothing . Now over a year later they are still here and starting to bug me. Are these PPP or Tyson glands? Or some rare std that clinics don’t test for? Can anyone put my mind at ease once and for all, thanks. AlsoThere’s 3 on one side and two on the other. Thank you

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Do not disturb . It will subside. Use a steroid cream for few days .


I have seminary bumps but mine are all around the head, but the doctor tested some of mine and told me that was nothing and I have built in French tickler, just to enjoy


Ok thanks but does anyone know if these are Tyson glands or pearly penile Papules? Or something else entirely. Has anyone else had or got these in the exact same place?


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