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Time off work for Circumsision

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Hi, just wondering if anyone here has taken less than a week off work to recover from a Circumsision?

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.

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I had a circumcision done on a Thursday, stayed home on Friday, Sat, Sun and went to work on Monday. I later developed a scab on my penis glans due to irritation from moving in clothing. It is rather individual how soon you can work again, if you decide to go into work I suggest covering your penis glans with a gauze that has vaseline in it, to keep it from sticking to underwear and keeping it still rather "save" from direct friction from underwear.

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space452 in reply to Cipher

I also had mine done last Thursday. I returned to work yesterday. I have a desk job so that wasn't a big deal to me. My pain is very minimal, but the head is pretty sensitive. I can feel improvement each day.

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Gnikow in reply to space452

My job also is desk based so I assume I should be fine. You you find that you’re able to concentrate at work without too much pain?

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space452 in reply to Gnikow

I thought sitting in this chair would be painful, Its actually pretty comfortable. I still have not attempted to wear any jeans or kacki's, I am sitting here in pj pants.

Worst thing is I leave for Vegas tomorrow, I am a little nervous about the flight ( I did upgrade to 1st class, figured it was well worth the money) and walking around a bunch. I am going to try the Vaseline and piece of gauze trick, as the head is still sensitive.

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allstar1979 in reply to space452

Dude, good luck with that

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Cipher in reply to Gnikow

Mine was also desk based xD. I might have gotten unlucky. When you get circumcised and in recovery is the moment you find out just how many times you randomly hit your dick while doing normal things lol xD.

As long as you keep your penis in tighter underwear, with the said gauze and vaseline on it to give it some protection and room to "slide" on the vaseline, you should be fine.

However Vegas ... well ... keep it low on the alcohol and try not to look at too many sexy ladies ... or guys whichever floats your boat. You really don't want an erection in tight underwear when freshly circumcised lol!

Why are you considering circumcision?

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Gnikow in reply to jimfromcalif

I see you on this topic every time I have a question to ask. Just a few things to consider. Not all of us are from the USA - meaning that we don’t all have to pay for our healthcare. I’m from the UK an operation for Circumsision is 100% free so therefore your reason behind your own insecurity of your countries healthcare system is completely irelivant for those of us not from the USA or perhaps other countries which do not have free systems in place. I’m aware that there are alternatives to Circumsision and believe me, every day for the last 6 years I have tried stretching methods, I have tried dozens of creams and ointments. I have been to many different doctors and also different urological doctors, not one of them has forced me into this, they just suggest it as a last resort. I feel as though 6 years of pain and frustration needs to be stopped - therefore I wish to be circumsised. May I just ask why you dedicate your life to discouraging people towards this particular surgery? Did you personally face an issue involving Circumsision?

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Ryanr in reply to Gnikow

I’m from the uk as well mate I got signed off for a week but that wasn’t enough and got signed off for a further week. One week isn’t enough.

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jimfromcalif in reply to Gnikow

You’re making lots of assumptions., but it’s your loss.

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allstar1979 in reply to Gnikow

100% free that’s insane. In the US pay for everything even to think about seeing the doctor lol.

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Ryanr in reply to allstar1979

It’s not 100% free we pay a small fraction of money out our pay checks called national Insurance which pays for health services 👍

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Carry123 in reply to allstar1979

It depends on your insurance. I’m in the USA and mine was covered 100%. If you think about it, if they’re allowed to do it to infants without consent, then they can’t turn around and call it “cosmetic” for an adult to do it.

This country is very unkind to foreskin and it was definitely one of the motivating factors that led to me getting it done. But now I’m really happy I did. There are studies and opinions that can support either side. Just keep researching other people’s experiences and go with you gut.

I took a week but was still struggling in the 2nd week. Wish id taken two.

I had mine done just before xmas and the hospital gave me a 1 week sick note, after 4-5 days I knew this was going to be nowhere near enough time off so went to the Drs and he said you'll need another 2 weeks off, so I had 3 weeks in total.

1 week is nowhere near enough, at that point your still in pain at the slightest touch against clothes.

I took off Tuesday though Thursday, but was home with a baby for most of it. Come the weekend, I was so happy to just lay naked. Take whatever time you can afford to. I’m 10 days out and the sensitivity on the head is still a bit distracting when I’m walking around. I tell people at work I hurt my back, to explain the limping.

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