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hi there just joined the group, I’m getting circumsised not this Tuesday but next Tuesday, I’m very scared about the whole surgery(from England) any pointers? For post op? Would be much appreciated

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Why do you want to get circumcised?

I need to have it done for medical reasons I have phimosis :(

Hello chris, no need to worry the procedure is done really quick wen u wake up, its all over! And take it from me u will feel much much better once its over.....

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Chris3108 in reply to Bj925

Hi mate you think? But how long does the healing last ? I’m just so scared as never seen my head before and how sensitive it’s gunna be :(

Hi mate I need it done for medical reasons I have phimosis and keep getting infections down there :(

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Bucky85 in reply to Chris3108

Have you tried flushing out your foreskin with an ear syringe to keep it cleaned out?

Hi, I need to have it done for medical reasons due to phimosis my foreskin is too tight

I had mine due to phimosis too. I am now 55.

You won't feel a thing buddy and most probably done under a local, ie you won't be sleeping through it.

Getting support through this forum will assure you how things are amongst us all.

Healing time differs, I am just past 16 days and still some swelling...

Good luck and happy healings from Down Under !!

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Chris3108 in reply to malone63

Hi mate, I’m being put to sleep for it under general anesetic?? And I’m 24 years old I’ve had phimosis all my life so I’ve never seen my head :( I’m scared it’s gunna be very sensitive and when I get an erection it will split the stitches :( I’m just so scared about it all :(

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Bucky85 in reply to Chris3108

There are good reasons to be concerned about pain. Here is a summary of possible pain generating occurences.

Circumcision pain

Circumcision is a surgical amputation of part of the penis. It is normal to feel pain during the surgical amputation, however this is usually eliminated by general or local anesthesia.

One may expect pain after surgery until the incision heals. Ask your doctor for a two-week supply of an opioid pain reliever.

One may also expect pain when the sensitive head of the penis is exposed to friction from clothing, etc. It is no longer protected by the foreskin, so there is not much you can do about it.

One may also expect painful erections, depending on how much skin was removed.

Depending on how much skin was removed, there may not be enough skin left to allow for shaft expansion during erection and this may cause painful erections.

You may also experience phantom pain from neuromas that form at the incision where nerves were severed.

Masturbation after circumcision may be painful if you don’t use lubrication because of lack of gliding action.

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Craig97 in reply to Chris3108

Furthermore ignore all of this auntie circumcision shit. Putting it bluntly these tend to be religious fanatics who are totally oblivious to our situations and are quite on sensitive to the reality of phimosis and the fact that not all cases can be treated by stretching. With regard to erections these are natural And due to REM and nature they will happen during the night. I didn’t experience any bleeding or splitting of stitches though some people do however it is a very very small minority that find themselves in medium levels of pain with this . Elections are natural they will happen during the day as they normally do you will feel somewhat uncomfortable but there is no real need to worry just walk around during the day to walk it off and make sure you go to the bathroom and empty your tank before bed to stop erections at night. Directions feel kind of weird in that you can kind of feel the stitches but it’s nothing too painful and you get used to it. And by the way did you go away

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Qfellow in reply to Chris3108

The stitched are will not split if you instruct the surgeon to leave enough skin to accomodate erections

U have to try your best not to think about anything sexual ... At least until 3 to 4 wks out

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goodperson in reply to Bj925

Very good advice but certainly easier said than done.

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Bj925 in reply to goodperson

I kno man

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goodperson in reply to Bj925

How long did you wait post op to jerk off again?

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Bj925 in reply to goodperson

After 6 wks i had to... There were lil spots of blood but nothn major

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Same reason as you mate, I have phimosis never seen the head well I can get my foreskin half way down my head then it becomes very tight like my head is too big for it!

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Chris3108 in reply to Hidden

Are you getting it done aswell ??

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Hidden in reply to Chris3108

Yeh Wednesday coming

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Chris3108 in reply to Hidden

I’m messaged you mate

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Bucky85 in reply to Hidden

Have you tried stretching it to make it wider?



Circumcision is an ELECTIVE procedure. It requires your consent. If you don't want it done, then you don't consent.

Phimosis is a condition, not a disease. It simply is a word that means that your foreskin does not retract. Men can live all of their lives without retracting the foreskin.

There are conservative alternative treatments to non-retractile foreskin that allow you to keep your foreskin, the first of which is manual stretching to enlarge the width of the foreskin at the tip.

The foreskin is supposed to be tight and non-retractable in childhood so that it provides protection, but it is supposed to retract and glide back and forth in adulthood. Teens are in transition between childhood and adulthood so frequently the foreskin is still non-retractable.

There are three possible reasons that a foreskin will not retract.

1. The tip of the foreskin is too tight to pass back over the head.

2. The frenulum is too short to permit retraction.

3. There is a fusion or adhesion of the inner foreskin to the glans penis.

It is not necessary to have a foreskin that will retract. Some men live their entire lives with a non-retractable foreskin. They can masturbate, have penetrative sex, get married, and father children with a foreskin that does not retract.

You may clean non-retractile foreskin with a rubber-bulb ear syringe. Just fill the syringe with lukewarm water and squirt it into the foreskin.

It is easy to make your foreskin wider and looser by manual stretching.

Almost all boys are born with a foreskin that does not retract. This is normal. It takes years for the ability to retract to develop. About ½ of boys have a retractable foreskin by 10.4 years of age. Many adolescents still have foreskins that have tips that are too narrow to pass back over the penis head. These foreskins may be gently stretched over a period of time to cause them to widen. In most cases, the foreskin becomes retractable by age eighteen.

When your penis is erect, gently pull your foreskin back against the head of the penis. As the head attempts to pass through the foreskin it will stretch the skin a little. Do this several times every day and in a few weeks or months your foreskin will widen and you will be able to retract your foreskin. Do NOT force retraction. Do NOT cause yourself pain.

It works by tissue expansion. Stretching skin induces “mitosis”, which is a word that means “division of cells”. New skin cells are formed and the skin grows but it takes some time. The increase in size is permanent. Be patient and give mitosis time to work.

The important thing is to put the skin under tension several times every day so that it will grow wider.

Betamethasone valerate ointment, which is available by prescription may help, but it won’t work by itself. Manual stretching is still required.


If that doesn't work for you, then you can consider preputioplasty -- plastic surgery that reshapes the foreskin to make it retractable. You get to keep your foreskin with preputioplasty.

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Chris3108 in reply to Bucky85

Hi mate, I’ve tried all of these and it’s still so tight .. I can’t even get it pass the piss hole it’s that tight... and I keep getting sore and infections down there due to my foreskin?

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Bucky85 in reply to Chris3108

In your case, circumcision may be your best option, but it has a downside.

You may want to seek advice on your options from 15square.

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Chris3108 in reply to Bucky85

When I saw urologist he said that was my only Option

Is that to stop the infections ? The thing is I’m prone to infections coz my immune system isn’t great

Okay il have a look and yes that’s my problem right now

the surgery is actually grand. I’m 21 and basically the first two 1/2 weeks are the ordeal . For me right now 3 weeks after , I’m back living life and in no pain at all. What is nasty is a) when you wake up in the bed and cop what’s happened and your penis is wrapped up in a gauge - that shit is weird. Make sure you have someone to drive you home and store your penis upright into your trousers (facing up) this will stop it hurting off your trousers.

B) taking the gauge off is a bitch . It took me an hour but you can do it nicely by soaking in the bath for 5 mins and unwrapping the heavy part then soaking it in lukewarm water so that the remaineder of can come off . Inn a bit of a bitich so I wiggled around in the lukewarm water and allowed it to sort off fall off.

C) say goodbye to life if you can for 10/11 days. Close the curtains in your sitting room flake out and binge on Netflix now cos your dick will be sensitive AF . It’ll seem day after day like nothing is happening but keratinaztion happens without u knowing . Just mke sure u have those baths every am. They work !!

By day 10 start Vaseline ing you’re jocks and slowly if ok with you putting em on. I made the mistake ofonly wearing jocks and not wearing shorts or trousers . Wearing tight jocks and tight trousers will help BIG time as it desensitising you’re glans. Day by day it’ll get better. Also make sure you sleep naked and say goodbye to a duvet until week 2.5 as it’ll wake u up.

Mentally it’s abouy not wanking , enduring the time at home naked in your sitting room and then eventually getting the courage to put on clothes.

Im telling you now I have no regrets . My phimosis is gone and Ill be able to go back to having sex only this time without risk of injury.

Important to note though everyone is different but most people aren’t too dramatic .

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goodperson in reply to Craig97

Great summary Craig which I relate to now at 10 days post op. May I ask how long you waited until sex/masturbation?

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