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I thought I'd post a little insight into my experiences since being circumsised on the 19th of December 2017. I've noticed lots of posts about various worries and concerns post circumsision. First off, patience. There are so many concerns revolving around this most sensitive of body parts and rightly so; none of us want that part damaged and not looking quite so well. It's awful at the beginning, the stitches, the hypersensitivity, the oozing of 'stuff'. It goes on. These things get easier. First of all, try tight underwear. Keep movement down to a minimum, this does help. Personally, I didn't wrap or use gauzes as I wanted to try de-sensitise as quick as possible. This may have been a mistake as I often got stuck to my underwear. That was bad. Each time I undressed I had to whip off the underwear where it was stuck to me removing skin. It hurt, it was shit but it passed. The head flaked and looked akin to leprosy. Some scabs were thicker than others. This too passed by the third week. The stitches in the first week were hard to bear, I kept getting erections while I slept and this hurt a lot. When the stitches started to dissolve, they turned into a yellow gunk, this looked bad. It was gone after three and half weeks. So here I am, four weeks later; it's almost healed up, discomfort is low although the sensitivity is still quite bad. It's better than it was so it's going in the right direction. I think I'll have quite a few months of being too sensitive but I can wear jeans ok now and can walk normally so it's constantly improving. So that's it, I'm past the worst and improving all the time, all my original concerns dissipated with time, I'm sure yours will too.

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Thanks for the post, I’m on my day 6 but the oozing is what scared me.... just going to supermarket near my place last night, 10 mins walk and it swell, not painful but you know something happened down there enough to freak me out. I’m hoping by day 12, when I have to go back to office things will be ok. My Paraphimosis was quite bad unfortunately and circumcision is the only way. Thanks for the reassurance.

paulwheeler15 in reply to mpd052

Those moments where it swells can be really horrible for those first days, I found just thinking about a particular thing that was not very nice got it back down. Some nights I was woken up about 10 times. I would say try your best to keep it clean, make sure it's dry when you dress and keep in mind the tight underwear for less friction. It really helps

mpd052 in reply to paulwheeler15

Thanks Paul, this is quite a journey for me.

I got circumcised on the 21st of December and I also didn't wrap it because of the same reason and mine also got stuck and it still does a little (not nearly as bad) but I'm hoping it will pass as soon as possible because now I have to put vaseline on it.

Did you do anything special for it to pass quicker?

Thank you!

paulwheeler15 in reply to Slimey

The only thing I did to try and force it to de-sensitise quicker was keep walking. The more it rubs and moves the quicker it gets used to it, or so I feel in my head at least. As for the sticking, I just made sure that I moved it regularly within my underwear, to try and lessen this. Fortunately the sticking part for me lasted only a little over a week. Good luck, it'll get better soon I'm sure

Slimey in reply to paulwheeler15

Thank you for your reply and advice!

I just left mine out for two weeks unless I desperately needed to go out I wore trousers with no boxers, I took two weeks off work and when the second week past I put boxers on a headed out the door and it wasn’t bad it was a little sensitive but nothing extreme and easy to cope with.

Lots of good advise on here, but everybody heals at different rates. All I can say is the first few days are terrifying and pretty uncomfortable. I had to go back to work after a couple of days which was not ideal but I made it work. I told people at work I hurt my back to explain why I was limping.

I’m 10 days out now and still wear loose fitting pants and make sure to put lots of bacitracin lotion on a few times a day. It keeps it from sticking to your clothes, fights infection, and helps reduce scarring and flaking caused by Keratinization of the head. Exposure to air is also great.

ultimately, if you can afford to take the time off, definitely do so. and don’t freak out about the healing process. It def gets better. I actually would look at porn a few times a day to get a little erect to increase blood flow and stretching. But that’s probably not advised. What I’m saying is, you have to do what’s right for you.

Expect to see some horrible things in the days after the procedure, and don’t be surprised if it takes you a week or so to pee in a straight line again. I had to sit to pee for almost a week, because I was tired of cleaning the bathroom floor.

But if there is any smell, puss, yellowish discharge, excessive bleeding or if you have difficulty urinating, call your doctor.

The peeing in a straight line was a difficult one, I've never had to clean my bathroom as much as I did in those first 2 weeks lol.

I know it has been over 3 years and I find this post insightful. How is everything after 3 years? And the duration taken for your glan to desensitize to the level of comfort?

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