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Problems with a foreskin

I had a visit with my GP like a week ago and apparently I have got a paraphimosis or something like that, tight foreskin is a better way to describe it, I guess. Since I have this I am in pain whenever I go to pee and when I am with my girlfriend. Whenever I get aroused it is just too painful. I dunno what caused that. Is it normal to get it at age of 22? I have heard that circumcision might be necessary. I am a bit scared of that. I use a lot of products but nothing seems to help it. I was told by my GP that she will arrange a meeting with an urologist but it might take up to 3 weeks. Every day it gets more painful, my skin gets red and itchy. It is so uncomfortable. My question is: Has anyone ever had that problem before and if so, what did you do? I am afraid of circumcision as hell.:-(

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Not sure why you would get phimosis at your age, I think it usually stays with you through puberty rather than occurring afterwards ? If you have seen your Gp I guess that rules out any possible infection.

Whilst with your girlfriend you could try more lubricant, this may reduce the chance of your foreskin pulling back while still enjoying the experience. As for circumcision, it is not something to go into lightly, but it is not the end of the world. And really the Op is not that bad, I slept through mine ! Seriously though, if you need it, you need it.


Onset of phimosis as he describes is nearly always the result of a yeast infection.


I’m 39 and I had phimosis. I couldn’t pull my forskin back or when I did I’d be in agony and it would tear a little, i was circumcised 13days ago, such a relief finally getting it sorted. still healing and a couple of stitches left to dissolve but no pain now at all. Good luck with it


Hi. Just another guess what might have happened. As I know a guy who just told me about the same problem.

In his case the doctor carved out the frenular area very consciously. Due to the fact the nerves where quite lower under the surface than with most men. So those nerves were accidentally cut. Leading to some numbness.

Maybe it is not the corresponding case to yours. As I don’t know whether your frenulum has been removed, too. And whether your doc used a scalpel for removing it if he did.


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