Confused about pregnancy

Hey guys im 17 years old and my gf 19. Today i had my 1 sex. Well i wad not using any protrction but i was pretty sure tht i did an anal but still because it was my 1 i dont knw whether it was anal or.. U knw

But my sperm didn't came out. But when i put it out i saw that it was wet and her pussy too.

Well my question is will she get pregnant? Please say no?

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  • Your girlfriend should be able to tell you whether you two had anal or vaginal sex. If it was anal then she would not get pregnant.

  • Sorry to disappoint but it only takes a tiny amount of semen to make a baby. Some could have 'dribbled' round ? Also you should really wear a condom when having anal sex, no matter how clean you may be, infections are more likely from the anus. And never have vaginal sex after anal sex without washing or changing condom.

    Sorry to go on but, always use a condom. Pregnancy will always be a risk.

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