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Urinating white dense fluid in sleep

I am 25 years old and I am urinating some white (cloudy and sticky) fluid in sleep(very little amount. It's been happening from almost 8-10 years. I am sensing it mildly in sleep before urinating and very few times I woke up and go to bathroom before urinating. It happens mostly 2 times in a month. I don't take any alcohol and I don't have an physical or psychological problems. Can anyone help me with the problem?

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Are you sure it is urine? may it be semen? It is quite normal especially at your age to ejaculate during sleep.

Anyway, go to your doctor. You may have your urine and semen checked by a lab.

Let us know


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It sounds like you are having wet dreams (nocturnal emmission).

These are normal and do not require further investiagtion unless you don't feel they fit with this story


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It's natural. It is not urine . It appears to be seminal fluid (sperm). Young people have sex dreams and secretion of sperm is natural. In your case may be you are getting awakened and feeling for urine. Apparently nothing abnormal. Take some vitamin. Sleep well relax.


If you are not having "normal sex or other sexual activity" then it is probably your body clearing out the "old oil" on a regular basis.


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