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Penis Doesn't release sperm while erect and scrotum sac is hard

When my penis is really strong and erect, I don't release sperm during sex. I'm a chronic masturbater but even when I masturbate, only a tiny amount of sperm comes out and when it does come out, it ends up getting smeared on the tip of my penis. The sperm tends to come out more when I do the following:

1.) Fold up a cloth to make it thick.

2.) Get in a prone position on the floor.

3.) Place the folded cloth between the base of my penis and the floor

4.) Push the base of my penis against the cloth and the floor.

But even with all this, the sperm comes out like 1 ml

Also my scrotal sac tends to get really hard from time to time and my testicles get pulled closer to my body when that happens.

I don't know what the deal is here.

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You are describing the cremasteric reflex which is perfectly normal and pulls the testes up in the scrotal sac.

Regarding your semen volume, it only becomes a problem if you have been trying for a pregnancy for more than 1 year without success.

The more frequently you masturbate, the smaller the volume of ejaculate. Try a week of abstention and see how it improves


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