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I'm 14 and it hurts when I piss, my foreskin is fully covering my penis and the tip where I pee out of, the skin is like closing or something like that, as was if there was a scab, so like my foreskin above my tip is closing and there is a hole about half the size of a pen and when I pull my skin out words a tube type thing come with it, you cannot see my tip at all, what should I do, it really hurts too piss

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If this is a new problem you may need to see doctor for some antibiotic cream. Otherwise stretching it and patience


This sounds like it may be a case of Pinhole Phimosis. Typically at your age I would expect you would be able to retract your foreskin at least partly (not all guys can at that age). To remedy you would need to slowly stretch the foreskin, but as this is already causing problems (and sounds like it's getting worse) I would highly recommend seeing a doctor. They can proscribe the correct treatment and they have dealt with this situation before.

I know this is an embarrassing topic to bring up but it is something that you should talk with your parents about to schedule a doctor's visit.

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Thanks for your help I actually told my brother about it, it took him a little bit to understand, i did my reaserch and hes like, just stretch it, im like ok, ever scince it hasnt been hurting too piss, which is good


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