Does size matter? My experiences and reflections

I'm Nick from Italy. I'm 53. As a man, the size of my penis is not a matter that does not mean anything. But I hope my following reflections can help those who are really worried about their size. Anticipating the conclusions, I think that objectively, penis size matters much less than we men usually think.

Size varies: your penis will be bigger if you are in a warm environment and if you are at ease. Cold environments and embarrassment will shrink your penis. These are autonomic actions of our sympathetic nervous system.

Shape can matter more than size. We are all slightly or mildly different in the shape of our penis. A good-looking small penis can be much more attractive than a big ugly one.

I served the Italian Army for an year, compulsively. I worked there as a nurse. I visited hundreds of recruits aged 18-24. We were obliged to look at their genitals in order to point out anyone who had phimosis, varicocele, absence of one testicle or other. I can assure you that I saw very few big penises. I can assure you that they were so few that we remembered their owners by heart! The majority had medium size, or even medium-small size. I saw A LOT of mini-penises as well. So do not compare yourself to porno-actors: they are selected!

Smart women, who are not contaminated by the macho-culture, appreciate more a good-looking, soft, actively sinuous penis than a big hard-rock one, which can be felt too much aggressive by their feminine sensitivity. These women love slow, feminine sexual activity. So try to find a woman that appreciates you and she will appreciate also your gentle penis, no matter his size.

Take care of your penis. Do not stress him too much, during masturbation or sexual intercourse. If it is a little stressed, give him a little bit of a body lotion. The skin of your penis and in particular the foreskin will appear more good-looking.

Use of the penis will enlarge him. Latins said: Natura facit organum, functio servat. (Nature creates organs, the function keeps them well).

A little trick for small penises is to trim (not shave) your pubic hair. Your penis will appear bigger.

If you THINK your penis is small, you will see him small. The psychological image of our penis influences a lot the feeling of the size of our penis. You may be wrong: you think your penis is small and instead he is perfectly normal-sized. Increase your self-esteem. You will be more at ease with your penis. Being always more at ease with yourselves and the others will autonomously, sympathetically enlarge your penis. (As I said it is a normal automatic reaction of our nervous system).

Bigger soft penis does not mean bigger erected penis. Usually big penises increase less their size during erection than small penises.

If you think your penis is small, try the deep penetration position; you can find images on internet: type "deep penetration position" and search for images. You will be able to penetrate deeply your partner even with a small penis. A note: in this position, maybe with the use of a lubricant if your partner is not naturally well lubricated, you will be able to penetrate your partner even if you are not hard-rock. A semi-hard penis or even a soft one CAN penetrate the vagina in these positions. Inside the vagina, your penis will probably get harder. This technique is very ancient (Tantric sex) and very pleasant. You free yourself of the "obligation" to be hard-rock. Many women love this kind of penetration, which is much less traumatic for them.

Finally, watch carefully the movie "American Gigolò" (1980). The major star of the film is Richard Gere. He was 31 then. I'm a straight man, but I can say he was a splendid sample of male human being. There is a scene where he's completely naked. His size is, to be generous, medium. But he was so self-conscious of his beauty that he insisted for playing that scene. Remember that Richard Gere was (and maybe is still) a sex-symbol, and that his role in the film was that of a gigolò, so his penis is very important. If you penis is at least as big as Richard's, you ought to reassure yourself! If your penis is a little bit smaller, well.. you are ALMOST like Richard. And that could be enough for your self-esteem!

I hope someone will be helped by my words. I will appreciate any comment, or even questions.

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  • Well Nick that was an interesting read. I do hope any men out there who have concerns are reassured by your comment. Especially younger males who do have expectations of themselves that are not realistic.

    From teenage years to early twenties I did have concerns that I was smaller than normal. Now thanks to the internet and the never ending surveys I find I am average, nearly Richard Gere ?

    Many men, as you say, do have expectations of themselves based on porn stars. It aint what you got it's the way that you use it !

  • I think we all go through stages questioning the size of our penis. I remember when I was younger, me and my mates would get together and measure them! Haha

    As you mature, I think you maybe worry less.

    Very interesting read though nickItaly.

  • interesting

    appreciated the writer

  • Oh Vicknes! I'm happy you appreciate my writing. I'm not English, so I'm always a little worried about the quality of my English. I lived in London for 6 months in 1991. It was a wonderful experience