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Good evening gents

Can HIV be contracted by open mouth kissing? I had a hiv test in February and tested negative since then I have only open mouth kissed women. I haven't done anything else that would leave me in a position to get the virus, because I'm a skeptic and have really bad paranoia, I am fooling myself into thinking I could've got it through kissing. I've an appointment with my GP do I ask for a HIV test? Or do I ask to be referred to someone in mental health? Thank you in advance, opinions more than welcome. Take care gents.

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HIV is not spread in saliva and saliva reduces hiv transmission . So The other person would need to have a significant bleed in their mouth and you would need an open wound in your mouth for transmission to occur.

So in summary this is an extremely low risk scenario.

How often are you going to be asking for hiv tests?

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Thank you, I don't intend to frequently because it's a waste of my time and is unecessary but I was seeking assurance because I worry about these things.


As far as we know HIV is not contaminated through kissing . But saliva ! Let me check google


I work in healthcare and frequently come across patients with similar infections.

We are essentially taught that for things like HIV (concerning when we are doing CPR, etc) that saliva is not likely to infect you - they never say never, and it's always best for you to get it checked.

It's unlikely From a very small volume of bodily fluids you'd get the disease. However, again never say never.

If you're unsure? Get tested.

Safe not sorry


There's good information on HIV here:

As others have said, if you're in any way concerned get yourself tested. You can find your local clinic here:


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