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Recovery tips

hi, i m jenny Farjana, male and my age is 27. Last 07 years i was addicted to decongested cough syrup with xanax (.5mg) and cannabis . At that time, i continued a great doses and that is given here: 50ml decongested cough syrup ( Brand name Dexpotent : Pseudoephedrine+triprolidine+dextromethorphan suspension)+.5 mg xanax (At least 03 or 04 pieces per day)+Cannabis (more than 06/07 Cigarette per day). Now i am trying to come back in normal life.It to be but gradually i am feeling less labido.SO i am very much anxious about my sexual activity.Only few seconds take to masterbation.Now what i can do?

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Absolutely no experience of this but best thing I can suggest is slow withdrawal from your addictions. I am sure anxiety will reduce and libido increase with time.

I do not know which area of the world you are in but please seek professional help. There are people who can do that.

Best wishes.

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Many many thanks to @jaglad.I am hoping also.


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