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Testicular Pain

Hi I'm 19 and since November 2015, I have been suffering from intermittent pains in my left testicle. I saw my GP about this and examined me and said I have a cyst on my testicle but couldn't find any cause of pain. He sent me for an ultrasound scan which came back negative. I was referred to a urologist who examined me and could not find any problems, and just send me on my way. I am still worried because the pain has not gone I have no treatment/medication and do not know what to do next.

Any advice?

Thank you

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Just one word - persist! I had to persist for years and lots of misdiagnoses before we found a specialist who knew the moment he saw my wife what the problem was and how to treat it.


i have cyst's on both of mine and had the same things done you did my doc said i either have to "live with the pain or they can remove them, that however is no guarantee they wont come back". i didn't get them removed try taking anti-inflammatory's i find they help allot also ask your gp if you can get it removed. its free in my country but maybe not yours.

sorry if this doesn't help but at least you know your not the only one feeling what your feeling.

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