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morning erections

Gingerbreadman1978 profile image

hi guys is it the norm the older you get you don’t wake up with morning horn have noticed over time it gets less and less things ain’t what they use to be 🤔

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xsevenx profile image

I’m guessing from your username that you are 45?

I’m 20 years older than you and I still wake with a full erection most mornings. If you are worried about this, maybe try some healthy lifestyle changes? And if you are lucky enough to get a doctors appointment, have a chat with him / her. Perhaps you will be offered a blood test for testosterone levels.

Gingerbreadman1978 profile image
Gingerbreadman1978 in reply to xsevenx

thanks for your reply 👍

Alex69 profile image

Agree with the previous reply. At 45 you're a bit young for that. I'm 70 and still wake up hard every morning. Stress, bad diet, overwork, alcohol or if you're on any medication can all be a factor to losing erection. I would definitely have a chat with your GP.

Gingerbreadman1978 profile image
Gingerbreadman1978 in reply to Alex69

thanks for your reply 👍

Alex69 profile image
Alex69 in reply to Gingerbreadman1978

You're welcome. Hope you get things working again soon!

OneJoker profile image

Like above, get doctors appointment and chat about lifestyle changes, do you have good sleep pattern ?

Gingerbreadman1978 profile image
Gingerbreadman1978 in reply to OneJoker

hi thanks for reply sleep pattern no 4 or 5 hours tops been like that a long time

OneJoker profile image
OneJoker in reply to Gingerbreadman1978

well I would say you definitely should get an appointment with your doctor, you will find it’s something or nothing, many go through it mate, don’t worry

Gingerbreadman1978 profile image
Gingerbreadman1978 in reply to OneJoker

thanks for your reply 👍

Petit4incher profile image

sometimes wish mines looked as it does in morning all the time

hhhh00 profile image
hhhh00 in reply to Petit4incher

I Bruised/scraped mine 2 nights back I checked it's working but the Bruised is longer

I only got half an erection and it just hurts

Nelly19812022 profile image

can be a sign of heart problems

Gingerbreadman1978 profile image
Gingerbreadman1978 in reply to Nelly19812022

yes your right have been reading up

Jayflight116 profile image

I agree with all of the above... I'm 60 and am hard as steel 70% of the night...can be annoying but I'm happy it still happens...I would definitely have things checked out

Itzallgood1 profile image

I'm 60 and have had erections but not full ones. As you age you're more than likely to start to lose your edge. Some earlier than others. Visit your urologist and get some advice. They should be able to help you. For those that have it every morning, I wouldn't want that. Doesn't mean they're better than the rest. You didn't say if you're married or not. I would say if you're single you may not get as many erections as those who are married.

before the circumcision I hardly did, now I keep getting them 😂. Stitches maybe no idea. But I’m sure I’ll go back to normal… or I’m noticing it because it wakes me up maybe.

HonuHonu profile image

I’m 67 and wake up hard every morning. There are health habit issues that can impact this and the quality of sleep matters too. If you’re not getting enough REM sleep, that can make a difference.

jimfromcalif profile image

It is quite normal

BexyBoy profile image

I'm 72 - Last few years with prostate enlargement, medication that alters hormones and blood pressure medication I only wake up hard once a week or so. Doesn't bother me or my wife, who doesn't have a high libido, so we're gradually adjusting to general affection rather than moments of high passion!

Cuzzy profile image

Hi gingerbreadman1978, interested in this too as I have the same problemHave u managed to see a Dr or anything??

Gingerbreadman1978 profile image

hi thanks for reply I managed to speak to a doctor and told the doctor the problem asked for a full health check urine and blood every thing came back as normal no further test required?

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