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Length reduced post-circumcision

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I am one month post-circumcision and my size is drastically reduced. I was a solid 7+ (without in any way counting the foreskin itself) long before, and can BARELY eek out 6 inches now. I measured erect and with my stretched flaccid penis before surgery and recorded these numbers (stretched flaccid was closer to 7.5). Now, when flaccid I can only stretch it out to 6 inches. I’ve read other posts here and it sounds like I may have been cut too tightly, though my urologist assured me I was not. It’s particularly noticeable on the underside at this time; I cannot imagine how the short strip of skin there can possibly expand enough to accommodate my former length. I used to have a slight but definite upward curvature as well which has seemingly been reversed (the head is pulled downward now). Has anyone experienced similar issues and seen them resolve with time? My frenulum was loosened but is still intact - could having this removed / separated alleviate some tightness? I could really use some help.

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Why did you have the surgery?

Due to chronic balanitis combined with a tight frenulum that prevented my foreskin from fully retracting and caused frequent tears and fungal infections that flared up after almost every sexual encounter no matter how much I washed after (probably due to micro tearing). Before you ask, I tried stretching my frenulum - it didn’t work. It was extremely thick and resistant.

I understand

At 1 month you are likely to still have some swelling that can take months to resolve. Once it has resolved and your penis has got used to its new situation things should get better. Have you got rid of your Balanitis? That is the important issue.

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Hadn’t had it in some time, it recurred after sex. Haven’t had sex in a while. Time will tell. My length is important to me though - it’s something that every partner I’ve ever had (including my current partner) has commented on and very much enjoyed. I will be genuinely devastated if I can’t regain it.

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Worry about what may never be the situation will not help you. I hope your past partners thought more of you than just the size of your penis. That would be sad.

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Sorry, I may be misunderstanding. Do you mean “worrying about lost length you might regain” is a waste of time? I agree, but unfortunately can’t shut off the concern in my mind, though I’m trying. And yes, there’s more to me than size, I know that, but it’s difficult to face a woman that once told you that you “hit spots others couldn’t reach” and realize you no longer can. Tough on the psyche.

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Perhaps a visit to the doctor to discuss your psychological issues might then be a good way to go.

Length is partly controlled by the suspensory ligament on top of the penis, it may be that this is inflamed and pulling your penis back into your groin. Are your erections tight and painful? I have slightly less visible length at the moment but much more girth. That points towards swelling still being present for me. Clearly this is important to you from a mental health perspective so please consider asking for counseling and also discuss it with your current partner. He/she may be able to reassure you. My partner isn't missing the length but is certainly enjoying the extra girth as am I.

They are quite tight and uncomfortable, yes - my stretched flaccid length is likewise shortened, and what you’re saying may explain that. Hard to say. Thank you for the insight.

Was your foreskin a lengthy size? Other than some of the comments above can I believe you lost that much length so wondered the length of your foreskin. I had quite the lengthy foreskin and have had a bit of size different after circumcision.

Nearly everyone appears to lose penile length after circumcision, but this is an illusion caused by the swelling. There is no way that removing the foreskin can cause a change in the true length of the penis.

Once you are fully healed and all the deep swelling hav also subsided (minimum 8 weeks and may be much longer for the deep swelling) you shold see your original length return.

The actual length of your penis has no effect on sexual satisfaction for you or your partner; even the smallest penis is perfectly adequate for all the jobs it has to do!

I had my surgery in April 2021. I’m still in the same boat as you. I’m close to two inches shorter. It’s so hard to explain. The actual penis itself of course is still in there but the skin is so tight that it isnt allowing it to come out at full potential. The skin where my pubes are actually pull up like a tent and if my wife is on top it almost always tears the skin near the incision line. My doc said to give it a year and the skin will eventually stretch but just can’t see it happening.

Did he provide any recommendations besides “wait”?

He said to give it a year. I’m 6 months in and can’t see any measurable difference. I do have a real tight bango string (nit sure what the actual term is lol. Goes from your freelum to your sack) he said we could cut that and it may help free it up.

Frenulum is the technical term - mine was also very short and my doctor attempted to remove most of it without removing it entirely (I think to preserve the sensitive tissue beneath). Unfortunately it’s still very tight and pulls, so that may be an option for me as well.

Have you tried stretching the skin at all? Does it get much “use” or have you been trying to mostly leave it be?

Ya many guys lose length and it never comes back

Unfortunately circumsion trauma sometimes causes the penis to move inside you more

I lost around 1.5 inch after circumcising and 3 years later still hasn’t returned unfortunately

Oh no, I did mine month ago almost, didn’t measure before but now it is tiny 3 inch erect:( my entire band fits it, before I had some length to it, guess no gf for me or at least LTR🙄

There is much more to a relationship than the size of your penis.

It is important, it effects your self esteem and confidence.The fact that guys here know they lose size is a sensitive issue because we didn’t read or knew it can happen, some are a bit below average.

I didn’t had anything sexual yet with it but when I touch my glans I get no feeling other than numbness, no pleasure, before it even water pouring during shower felt nice.. I did a mistake listening to an urologist who admitted few days ago he really doesn’t aware that foreskin felt any different being circumcised from birth Israeli too

Ok. I’m sorry if I came across a bit blunt. But seriously don’t worry - the right girl for you exists. You just need to find her.

I know the feeling. Mine had some length before but now it’s tiny. Even when erect. I did notice I gained in girth though. I’m not sure if this applies to you. I still have before and after pics. It’s quite depressing

I noticed it seems bit thicker than before but the length really aren’t the same, I didn’t had sex or mustarbation yet, but my erection seem to go down quicker than before.. maybe I’m crazy lol, will try to have sex or something in about a two weeks

I can show my before and after if you would like to see? I’m guessing ur straight so I understand if u done want to

Sadly I didn’t took photos of before, shame, you can send it if you want

Inbox me where u would like me to send them to. Snapchat etc

Oh never mind lol, I don’t use any of these.. tell me the erection length before and after

Before about 6.5 after about 3 or 4

What was yours? How old were u when u got the op

Didn’t measure unfortunately, I’m 23, operation last month September 27

Erect? Jesus.. how much time as passed? I sadly forgot to measure mine, didn’t anything of it, strange thing is that few weeks ago I got up to 3 inch erect lol, now it the tape says 4 inch, I hope some of it gets back, still shorter, maybe I was around 5 something I guess

It’s been three years now for mine. I didn’t get much length back. I’ve gotten used to it now unfortunately. Size isn’t that important but it is for self confidence. I would love to see a current pic. Did u get a high cut?

The cut area is right below the head

Same as mine. Have you had sex since the op? How long ago did u get it done

I can in two weeks from now, is there any ED problems, the thing feels numb, before it my penis was more sensitive I could feel water, light touch, now it feels numb 70%, maybe lube help but I need to buy it I still can’t do anything until 2 weeks

I use lune. It’s uncomfortable without it. I was numb to begin with and masturbation seemed to take forever. Sensitivity has came back but it was slow. My doc gave me viagra when I asked for it and that did help loads. I still get it now but hardly use them. So have u noticed an increase in girth? Mine is deffo thicker but shorter

Yes, it seems thicker and quite shorter.. I hope foregen could restore our foreskins, I did the surgery because of guys from YouTube shared their experience, nothing about size or sensation, I should had knew better but I had phimosis, balanitis and cheese leakage that made my underwear yellow stains

Yeah does sound like you needed it. Mine was tight too. Made it difficult to clean. Are you nervous about showing ur new length to any men/women u become sexually active with now?

Hope I haven’t annoyed you asking questions lol. You went quiet

Not sure, too early to think anything of this, I blame the circumcision on my length issues

Yeah I blame mine too. Do you have a bf or gf atm? Has anyone seen it post op? It could be all in your mind and look normal to other people

GF? Didn’t had one since 2019 lol..

I had a gf for 11 years now I have a bf. Much more fun and easier to have a laugh with haha. I’m sure u will find someone once your fully healed. Still sounds like u have a nice penis that will make someone happy. Bet it’s hot as f**k

Hope I haven’t overstepped

Damn this sounds awful, I suppose because of extra skin and the blood veins the foreskin had, maybe children get length back after puberty or something, we adult seem to have complications

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